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because I suspect that since ones comments are editable, the remarks made could well be changed, but here I want to preserve EXACTLY what was written at the time.

The time copied is 4 PM Central European Time on February 29th 2020

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whom are you talking to? are you talking to me or @midlet in the tread with @guiltyparties ? and who do you assume you are - WE ? Now you pretend to be Anonymous? You are not a jaguar either, more like a sailcat (look it up, since you are so good at research).
OCA Bad Cop - lmao - you are so pretentious!

 1 hour ago (edited)
whom are you talking to?
When I issue a comment in reply to another comment, Im (obviously) talking to the person who made that comment, in this case you, its not quantum physics....
OCA Bad Cop - lmao - you are so pretentious!
If you don't like the name of the role you can talk to the person who created it you fucking imbecile, which is (again, obviously) the founder of the community.
Have a wonderful day.

So what about the Anonymous quote in your comment (without attribution)
"We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."
- are you not plagiarizing?

So now you are resorting to cheap insults - again, are you talking about the founder of the community @midlet ? or maybe you should clear with @guiltyparties if your conduct and language is acceptable to use when you (pretend?) to speak for @steamcleaners
If you don't like the name of the role you can talk to the person who created it you fucking imbecile, which is (again, obviously) the founder of the community.

 39 minutes ago (edited)
are you not plagiarizing?
When something is within quotes that implies that the person quoting it did not create the text, Mr. imbecile.
are you talking about the founder of the community midlet ?
Yes Mr. imbecile, obviously the name of the roles in a community are set by the community admins,
who did you think set the names of the roles? The users? the pope? your mom? Britney Spears or who?

 thermoplastic (65) 30 minutes ago (edited)
When something is within quotes that implies that the person quoting it did not create the text, Mr. imbecile.
you know everyone can see who and what kind of infantile troll you are. So if you put something into quotation marks it is OK to use and not considered plagiarizing? Now you really lost it, but if true, then I could just put entire scraped posts within quotation marks and @steemcleaners would have to accept that? You obviously totally lost your marbles. Have a nice day, and don't put yourself deeper into the hole by commenting further.

I also posted a separate blog on Steemit that talks about this:

Selfie as Mr. Hyde 👹

Quoting some of the text - for the entire post, click the image above ▲

At one time, after having one account locked by Facebook (long story, check it out HERE) I opened a second account in order to be able to administrate my commercial pages, using this as my avatar (at first, I changed it since then). I described my profile as such:
Mr. Hyde - the evil twin


Addendum March 2020:
Who cares now - I moved to HIVE

hopefully won't have to deal with such miscreants there. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

🥵 Drinkers Are Confusing Corona Beer With the Coronavirus? 🍺

Googling to find out the latest about the Corona Virus, I keep running into results having to do with Corona Beer, so I targeted the search to find out why.  The best answer I found on Nasdaq. See the Quote below this image.


No, the popular Mexican beer Corona is not affiliated with the deadly coronavirus that's spreading around the world, and Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ), which owns the Corona brand in the U.S., told Business Insider "We believe, by and large, that consumers understand there's no linkage between the virus and our business." But Google search terms would beg to disagree. Since the virus began to take on global proportions in the middle of January, online searches for the phrase " beer coronavirus" surged over 3,200% globally while "corona beer virus" rocketed 2,300%. Similar terms that seemingly link the beer brand and the virus have also risen by hundreds of percent since.

I couldn't make this up, it is REAL, not FAKE NEWS - check it out here:
Drinkers Are Confusing Corona Beer With the Coronavirus

Source: Getty Images via Nasdaq

 Read more: Guilt by association 


In the meantime, back in the *REAL WORLD* this happened:
CDC didn’t want 14 coronavirus patients flown to US—it was overruled
 Jumbo jets arrived to evacuate US citizens from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, with people quarantined onboard due to fears of the new COVID-19 coronavirus, at the Haneda airport in Tokyo on February 16, 2020. - The number of people who have tested positive for the new coronavirus on a quarantined ship off Japan's coast has risen to 355, the country's health minister said. (Photo by Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP) (Photo by KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP via Getty Images)

which made its rounds on Twitter, such as a post by Bette Midler

Nothing to joke about - in the meantime I read this, which sort of hits close to my home (I live in Austria):

Coronavirus: Venice Carnival closes as Italy imposes lockdown
In neighbouring Austria, a train from Venice was stopped at the Austrian border after it emerged that two passengers had fever symptoms. Austria's Interior Minister Karl Nehammer later confirmed to the BBC that the pair tested negative for coronavirus.
"All authorities have acted quickly and with great caution in this case," said Mr Nehammer in a statement. "The reporting chain worked without delay."
The BBC's Mark Lowen described the situation just outside the zone. 

I tried earlier today to post this on Steemit, but for some reason the hamster wheel  kept running but nothing happened. So you see it here first - on my reliable Blogger.


I did eventually manage to post it on Steemit 

Additional information:
Updates to this article are posted HERE

this is a map published by The Guardian that is being updated regularly.
also, you find updated News from The Guardian: