Friday, January 30, 2009

Visionary Art Network - Press Release

Artist Otto Rapp just recently started a Private (by Invitation only) Network on the Ning Platform.Initially he invited a few close friends to participate in order to test out the features. A selection of those works can be viewed on his website in a full 800 pixel embedded slide show. To view the show, please click on the featured painting Parthenogenesis by Tassos Kouris:

Visionary Art Network
Miguel Tio - Jon Beinart - Martin-Georg Oscity - Vladimir & Daniela Ovtcharov - Pavel Surma - Christian Flora - Bernard Dumaine - Janelle McKain - Amanda Sage - Piotr Zygmunt - Sonja Tines - Otto Rapp - Agim Meta - Santiago Ribeiro - Dean Fleming - Peter Hutter - Jay Paul von Koffler - Pedro Prata - Shala Rosa - Joe A. MacGown - Ben Tolman - Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Barbara Wiewiórska - Tassos Kouris - Oleg Korolev - Steve Smith - Zoltan Ducsai - Chris Edler - Brajanne - Raul Casillas - Adam Pinson - Aleksander Rymarowicz - Janne Kearney - Gerald Butalewicz - Jeff Stewart - Paula Rosa - Danny Malboeuf - Andrzej Masianis - IT Hammar - Gautam Nair - Frank Nitkiewicz - R.L.Frisby - Felix Klee - Gromyko Padilla Semper - Laurie Lipton - Joseph Larkin - Ton Haring - Franz Landl - Pedro De Kastro - Manfred Marburger - Silvia Pecha - Dennis Konstantin Gerigk - Leo Plaw - Herman Smorenburg - Erik Heyninck - Edward Walton Wilcox - Gil Perry - Tim Zart - Ludgero Paulo Rôlo - Nad Wolinska - Peter Sibrin - Breck Outland
We are now ready to proceed to the next stage.If you are a established Visionary/Surrealist/Fantastic Realist Artist working predominantly in traditional media and are interested in joining, contact Otto Rapp by e-mail at to receive a official Membership invitation.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Otto Rapp Pictures on the Visionary Art Network

Testing the embed feed on the Private Visionary Art Network on Ning:

Find more photos like this on Visionary Art

Tip for Network Members: The original embed size is too large for this (or most other) blogs. Suggest that you grab a corner in "Compose" and drag to size. The size of this player was reduced to a width of 402 pixels and height of 341 pixels. You could also re-write the code with these sizes in Edit HTML .
I also tested whether newly added pictures would show up on the embedded player (yes, they do) and whether the feed worked properly if you (or the blogs visitor) are not signed in (yes, it does).
What this means is that, though the Network itself is Private, and can only be accessed by signing up/in, you can PROMOTE your art anywhere you can embed the slide show! However, one can only access the full screen version when signed on/in to the Visionary Art Network.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do's and Don'ts for Sharing Electronic Images

A  good guide for Artists that submit electronic (digital) images to competitions, on-line galleries etc. - in this space I had a link that no longer exists. The important part of the text I copied below with my own comment. The updated link that still works is here: 

Protect yourself against copyright violations by submitting web-ready low resolution images that still look good on the web, but not very useful for printing. Although the guide recommends a maximum size of 1024 x 768 pixels at maximum 500 kb resolution, I have found that some of my larger images on my web site display very well with much clarity at less than 200 kb. At that size and resolution, they do not yield satisfactory prints.
At 423 x 600 pixels and 80 kb, the image below from my web site illustrates this point:


Acrylic on Canvas 14” x 10” 1983
Note: the old website does not exist anymore - any links to it redirect to my new site here:
Larger images could be protected with a watermark. Some Artists don't like to do that, since often it appears way too intrusive.