Monday, February 18, 2019

Project Weku Community : [Contest Announcement] The ''We Are WeKu'' Contest...

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Project Weku Community : [Contest Announcement] The ''We Are WeKu'' Contest...: Contest Announcement, The ''We Are WeKu'' Contest �� Support By @Kevin Dear Community, Project Weku Community ...

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[Contest Announcement] The ''We Are WeKu'' Contest 🧡 Support By @Kevin

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Dear Community,

We are so happy to see WeKu become a healthy platform. The WeKu official team supports this community with many different delegation projects and we all are thankful for this support. Many quality content creators and community members are earning handsome rewards from blogging like no other platform.
I have witnessed everything from almost the beginning and feel the positive improvement. Thank everyone who invested their time to support this community, we are finally able to see the result of our hard work.
WeKu platform is at its very beginning and has a to continue on a long improving process. This platform needs our support. Our LOVE for the community will be the key of success and WeKu needs us all.
Recently, WeKu has become more than just a platform for many of us. It has become a duty, a home and we want to see the success of WeKu.

No matter who we are, WeKu official team, moderators or users. We all played a big part in the success of this platform. All of us are like a small piece of a puzzle but when we put all those small puzzles together, we become something greater.

Screenshot 2019-02-13 at 20.23.14.png

“We Are WeKu” 🧡 The Contest

I would like to start my first contest. Please show your support to WeKu community and participate in this wonderful contest.

How to participate

  • Take a picture of yourself, your friends, your family or your beloved person, holding a sign with the words “We Are Weku” (Hand writing or printing)
  • Write a short description about what you can do to support WeKu community
  • Post on your WeKu blog ( use #united-weku #contest )
  • Share the post link on any social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) or share the link on another Blockchain social platform
  • Comment on this announcement with your post link and the proof of your promotion on the other social media platform
Every user, community leader and moderator are welcome to take part in this contest.

The contest period

Monday 18.02.2019 until Thursday 21.02.2019 (only 4 days, please hurry up!)
Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 01.17.35.png

Your rewards

  1. The Whitelist curators: @Whitelist@siamcat , @saimegh@taifkhan@zahidsun@wekunewbies@friendsgroup and many other curators will support every participant with our curation
  2. The top 10 winners will receive some amazing rewards. 🤩 100% upvote from our WeKu CEO Kevin ( @kevin ) PLUS 🤩 100% upvote from Busters ( @wekubusters )

See you soon at the contest! ''We Are WeKU''

@siamcat 🧡
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You can join WeKu - just follow this referral link:

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Google Chrome flagged all my Weebly sites!

Earlier today, when I tried to access Weebly, Google Chrome flagged any and all links to Weebly:

I accessed Weebly from other browsers, and no problem, example IE:

 would you have an explanation for this?

Considering that even your home page got the same treatment, I assume it must have happened to all your clients!
I checked right away with my Norton Security, and this were the results:

I remember years ago that Facebook once blocked all weebly sites. Is this just another similar attack?

The images were taken today, forenoon at my location Central Europe time.
Now that I checked again in the Afternoon, it was not happening anymore.
For purposes of information, here are (some of) my top websites hosted on Weebly:


It all returned to normal by Afternoon, CEST. Very strange. Weebly did answer me right away.


Jay N Today at 16:32
Sorry you're seeing this problem! It sounds like Chrome is blocking access to certain Weebly sites.

Rest assured this is just a false positive and your site is secure. We're working to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you!
Customer Success Advocate CS Developer Support