Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Garden of Fernal Delights - Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs


Dreams and Divinities

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs

Cataloguing the Garden of Fernal Delights

A Dreams and Divinities book to come out in late 2014

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs  Cataloguing the Garden of Fernal Delights

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs

A Dreams & Divinities Book cataloguing ‘The Garden of Fernal Delights’
Full color hardback book for late 2014
written by Gromyko Semper, Liba W S and Bruce Rimell
Illustrated by 105 artists
Designed and laid out by Liba W Stambollion
read more about THE GARDEN OF FERNAL DELIGHTS , slide show of participating artists and project description.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Viktor Safonkin and Peter Gric at Art Miami 2013

Viktor Safonkin & Peter Gric will be represented by the 

Vimm-Gallery / Prague at the Context Art Miami  

3-8 December 2013

Viktor Safonkin
Twilghts of 17th, 120 x 140 cm, mixed technique on canvas, 2013  

Viktor Safonkin
Victory and a little bit of blood, 140 x 120 cm, mixed technique on canvas, 2013

Peter Gric
Network IV, 100 x 120 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2013

Peter Gric
Artefakt IX, 120 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2013


Karlova str.12
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic
T +420 605 98 28 57

E-mail address :
Website :
- See more at: Art Miami 

Visionary Art Network Broadcast for September and October 2013

Here is the latest network broadcast sent out to the members of the private Visionary Art Network. Please note that some of the links point to internal pages and can only be accessed by members. But most other links are from our public site, the VISIONARY ART GALLERY or the VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION. Membership is by invitation from Administration only. We are networking on several social platforms, and we seek out the best artists of our genre.  
Dear Members of the Visionary Art Network,

Fall has arrived and actually it is Halloween pretty soon. While i had in mind initially to send a broadcast once a month, again it has been over 2 months since the last one! In the meantime, we had added a few more artists to our network.
But to start with I want to introduce the Artists of the Month for September and October.
September 2013

October 2013

Since our previous broadcast many more great artists joined our network. Please welcome NEW MEMBERS:
(Note: links are to their profile pages within the network, so you need to be logged in)
Christian Lepère - Arif Bahtiar - Katerine Aubry - Manfred Evertz - 
Jürgen Pleikies - Katia Honour - ARINA -  Nipon Jungkina - Tuco Amalfi - 
Daniele Valeriani - Hans Bauer - 
Jim Pavelec - Michael Fishel - El Gato Chimney - Alireza Dayani 
Several of our mutual Artist friends are also on my wish-list to add to our community, and I am waiting for their responses. We (that is: our Administrators) are very selective about who joins us, so this site will always be very exclusive to only the best. No apologies here - there are plenty of 'public' sites for others to join.
Important: you need to have a sufficient number of pictures uploaded to be featured in our PUBLIC ON-LINE VISIONARY ART GALLERY - you may want to re-read the New Members Info Note for details.
There are now over 11,336 Images on file!
Several more members have joined our group, and you are cordially invited to also join:


Background Info: We purchased the domain for the Visionary Art Exhibition - a first step in the promised development of on-line exhibitions of select artists from our network. JOIN THIS GROUP  and read more about future projects. Projects will be announced to the group members as they become reality. Our ultimate aim is to also be able to organize 'brick-and-mortar' exhibitions in future. 
About the VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION website: although actual on-line exhibitions are a few months away (this is being worked on over the summer), our blog features of individual artists show some incredible numbers (for a new website): for example, on June 23rd we had 983 visitors, our highest so far! Since then, we consistently showed respectable numbers whenever new works were featured. Of course this doesn't happen by itself: it happens because the pages are shared by many of our members and myself on social networks.
So far, I did not get around to putting a exhibition together (having so many projects on the back burner right now) but I am constantly featuring individual artists.  I am proud to say that we have a very good ranking on Alexa for this relatively new site already, but this is just the beginning. Of course our Visionary Art Gallery ranking is also rising steadily and at that level in the best of company of comparable sites. 

Reach out and touch someone - make friends, discover new connections! Browse the site and discover new work.
A good way also is to check out the slideshows of Favorites and Featured Art embedded in our Visionary Art Gallery.
Tip: if you are browsing the public gallery, you can click right through to the individual pictures (log-in window will appear if you are not logged in to the network) - make friends with the artists, leave a note, promote it.
However, I need to repeat again: you can only share pages from our public Visionary Art Gallery Site (there are share buttons on every page). You cannot share anything from inside the private network. This is explained HERE.
Please participate, upload your new work, write blogs, invite members to your events etc. Take advantage of the many features of our network. Remember: once you upload a sufficient number of artwork to our network, I will add a page for you in our public art gallery, as well as publicise that page through my usual channels. Many of our new members have already submitted their work and are now represented in our public gallery.
Network and Website Expenses:
I like to thank you for your donations which make it possible for me to carry the expenses associated with our network and public site. I have already paid the public gallery network expenses, which were due at the beginning of June. The Ning Network bill was due and had been deducted from my account already - we are now paid up until next Summer!
In the past, the donations of a number of very supportive members made it possible to exist, and I want to particularly thank those members again. Without you, this network would not be able to carry on!

Customizing Pages:
Customizing your homepage on the network has been enabled since day one. Some members made good use of it and came up with some pretty nice pages. Others, well, not so successful. It is a bit tricky to figure out, so unless you are proficient in this sort of thing, I suggest to just stay with the default design. Should you be unhappy with the look, then there is a reset button when you go to your page settings. Unfortunately I cannot do this for individual pages (I can only remove the customizing option, which would reset everyone!). There are a couple of pages on here that are unreadable - I would suggest to those members to either fix this or reset their page to default.
Here is all you need to know about "Managing my Page Settings"

On Facebook, we have a often visited page: VISIONARY ART


PS: I am duplicating this broadcast as a Network Note. It appears that some members are not receiving the broadcasts.
For your information:
The VISIONARY ART GALLERY and it's affiliated sites VISIONARY ART HALL OF FAME and VISIONARY ART EMPORIUM, as well as our newest site, the VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION are all built on the Weebly platform - maybe it  could be useful to you also, should you be looking for a platform to build your website on (a basic account is FREE and like the Pro account our sites are on, has unlimited space!)
The easiest way to create a website for your art. Create your site at!

Glitches in my Blogger Archives

This is to notify people who searched my archives here on Blogger, as well as those who had found articles through a Google search:
I had at one time taken advantage of a feature on the Posterous platform which let me post to my blog by e-mail and then the blog was set-up to auto-post to my Blogger, duplicating my Posterous blog. I found this a very convenient way to spread the news, since auto-posting also included posts to Twitter and Wordpress.

This is old news to most: Posterous was bought out by Twitter and after a short while unceremoniously discontinued.

What happened to the auto-posts elsewhere? The text is there, but images were just linked to the Posterous image files, thus any posts of mine that originated on Posterous have now blank spaces where the image is supposed to be.
To fix this would be nearly impossible, not to mention extremely time consuming.

Thanks for nothing, Twitter - ditching Posterous, you could at least have left the image files on the server. If you go to any of those posterous links, this is what you get:

In this case, taking advantage of a shortcut has proven the wrong thing to do!

Just so this posting doesn't appear too boring, here is a random picture I took years ago in 
Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada 
It says:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Austria National Day - Ernst Fuchs honored with Fanfare


On Saturday October 26th 2013 Austria celebrates it's National Day. The Austrian Armed Forces are on the Heldenplatz in Vienna.
The swearing-in of recruits in the presence of the Federal President and the Federal Government takes place at 10:30 AM. Shortly after 11 AM a special fanfare composed in honor of Prof. Ernst Fuchs will be ceremoniously presented to him.

Foto: Bundesheer/Harald Minich
Nationalfeiertag 2013 in Wien


Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer und Ernst Fuchs
Heldenplatz, Wien, 26.10.2013
Österreichischer Nationalfeiertag
- photo by Vesna Krasnec -

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fake diplomas and fake degrees

So why study and spend a lot of money on tuition if you can get a shingle for a couple of hundred bucks? This is just one example, perhaps the most expensive one; there are cheaper to be found if you look on the web.

Or check up on "Degree Mills" - you can actually enroll in one of those, never need to study or do anything, and yes, even get a phd or be appointed "Academician"!
Particularly impressive are those that come from French or Italian sources: the names sound so much fancier and pompuous in a romantic language.
When you check out the curriculum vitae of some people it is a good idea to actually verify claims - a simple google search often unmasks the most clumsy fakes.
I recently looked into one of those, which is quite a mouth full: 

now if you google this you will find quite a number of artists that claim to be "Academicians" appointed by this "Academy", but you will not find either a website or any information about it - and if you check the location given as address in the document, you find it is a sleepy village of less than 600 inhabitants. No academy there.......

Apparently, it is quite common - check this out:

 Degree Mills: A Country Littered With Fake Degrees

Degree mills in the United States have sold over a million fake diplomas. Find out what makes a degree mill and how government agencies have responded to these big businesses throughout history.

Related video:

The M&G's Lisa Steyn walks us through her investigation into the growing trend of fake degrees. 
These documents are being bought online and paraded on CVs at all levels of the employment sector.

But it can backfire
Related story - most recently:
 Syrian Writer Elizabeth O’Bagy Fired: 
In a statement released on Wednesday, the institute writes: 
“The Institute for the Study of War has learned and confirmed that, contrary to her representations, Ms. Elizabeth O’Bagy does not in fact have a Ph.D. degree from Georgetown University. ISW has accordingly terminated Ms. O’Bagy’s employment, effective immediately.”  ... read more

Moral of the story: be true, stay true, fakes will be unmasked eventually!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

About "Modern Art" and its excesses - a discussion on my facebook page

A copy and paste of my facebook post and subsequent comments as of October 17th 2013
This is the link to the original facebook post: