Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Minoan Epiphany - A Bronze Age Visionary Culture

I am posting here a copy from my friend Bruce Rimell's publication, with the purpose to bring it to a larger audience.

The original web page is found HERE

THE MINOAN EPIPHANY: A Bronze Age Visionary Culture

Archaeological Evidence for Ecstatic Ritual and Altered States of Consciousness in Cretan Prehistory

Genre: Archaeology / Art / Aegean Prehistory
Size: 296 pages with over 180 illustrations
Format: PDF Electronic Publication
Release Date: January 2021
Available to read or download for free via the links below

Representing an interesting forerunner to Bruce Rimell's Visionary Humanist philosophy which represents the majority of his current independent research interests, ‘The Minoan Epiphany: A Bronze Age Visionary Culture’ is the culmination of several years of research into the Minoan civilisation and surrounding contemporary cultures of the Bronze Age Aegean.

This volume gathers research from 2009-13, which formed a website presentation entitled 'The Minoan Epiphany', together with art historical essays on Minoan themes from the years 2014-15, supplemented with new research on selected Bronze Age Aegean artefacts conducted in 2020.

This 296 page Electronic Publication in PDF format is exclusively available for free download from Xibalba Books and a higher quality version from Bruce Rimell's portal. A version of this Electronic Publication is also available for free viewing at Google Books.

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Download 'The Minoan Epiphany' from Xibalba Books (96dpi, 13.2 MB)

Download 'The Minoan Epiphany' from (200dpi, 48.4 MB)

Read 'The Minoan Epiphany' on Google Books