Friday, July 31, 2015

Ning Platform down - and no support!

OK, here is a conversation I was having just at this moment on the Ning Facebook page:
The entire platform is down across the board, and get this: their support and their help e.mail is all on that platform! There is no way you can reach them, there are no updates on either their Facebook page or their Twitter account.   Of course our Visionary Art Network is affected by this - the public pages depend on the feeds from the private network we have on the Ning platform!
You are down across the board - any comments on that?
  • Otto Rapp

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  • Aurora Dawns Same here dam
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    • Otto Rapp they just don't give a damn - there is NO SUPPORT - Nothing! They have a twitter account that is NOT MAINTAINED! at all, and their own support of course is down as well, since they put all their eggs into one basket, and that basket is broken! There is no way you can reach them!
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    • Otto Rapp FB screwed up the link, one more time:

      Senaste tweets från Ning (@Ning). Ning’s scalable hosted platform gives you the tools...
    • Otto Rapp Their support (I checked my e-mails for that) is also hosted on the Ning platform, so you can't even reach them via e-mail! We are truly dealing with some moronic system here: who would tie ALL their services, support and everything else to ONE platform?
    • Aurora Dawns Sad I had to get new fb account so trying to connect and for some no other way I can get hold of some friends also creators I hope we get some refun or something for this
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    • Aurora Dawns Sorry prob bumped my head lol
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    • Otto Rapp Refund? You must be dreaming! I asked about that already when they had Error 500 issues! No answer. This is a one-way street: they take your money very punctually though, service or not!
    • Aurora Dawns Damit I just really came back to ning rebuilding a communit again and this I know not only one wellopefully updates soon what makes more mad somone also added a nice donation a real nice one and now this damit grr
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Great Bargains in Contemporary Art

I found a post on Facebook sharing this tumblr image:

The caption:  "the teachers at my high school do this to the graffiti in the bathrooms"
My comment:
A much undervalued masterpiece! Maybe careful research would reveal this to be a genuine Tracey Emin, in which case it may well be auctioned for something like $ 200.000
Note: I am speaking of originals, not prints, which would sell for several thousands at auction: Tracey Emin at artnet

....... compare the style with this piece from the world famous Tate Gallery :

So why pay exorbitant amounts of money - you can find bargains in most public restrooms or in vacant buildings or housing projects - the possibilities are endless! You could even get those artists for the price of a drink or a hamburger to come to your home to beautify the place for you!

Visionary Art Network Update Mid-Summer 2015

Please note: Links to the private network pages will only be accessible to signed-in members.
To view all the members works, and much more, please go to our public websites

The following is a copy of the broadcast sent to our members:

Dear Members of the Visionary Art Network,
It has been months since the last Broadcast Spring 2015!
 More new artists joined our network since then - please welcome (links open to the respective artists pages on the private network:
On our public page, the Visionary Art Gallery we feature the Artists of the Month - check them out, there is a slide show that shows all of them back to our first opening of the site in 2009! The pictures link to their respective pages in the VAG.
Visitor Statistics for the Visionary Art Gallery, pulled this morning:

You should be visiting - and browsing - our PRIVATE NETWORK: nowhere else will you find so much pertinent information about our world-wide community packed in our Navigation, as well as Notes, Blogs and the RSS feeds found in the side bars on either side.

Important: you need to have a sufficient number of pictures uploaded to be featured in our PUBLIC ON-LINE VISIONARY ART GALLERY - you may want to re-read the New Members Info Note for details.
There are now over 13,336 Images on file as of date of this posting!

I am constantly featuring individual artists on this website.  Also check the Dreams & Divinities News on this site for updates on D&D exhibition projects! Myself and some of our administrators will add news and announcements on this blog page: Visionary Community Blog and Bruce Rimell writes a very informative blog called Archaic Visions. But you find these links (and more) also as RSS feeds on our Private Network!
On Facebook, we have a often visited page: VISIONARY ART


PS: I am duplicating this broadcast as a Network Note. It appears that some members are not receiving the broadcasts.
For your information:
The VISIONARY ART GALLERY and it's affiliated sites VISIONARY ART HALL OF FAME and VISIONARY ART EMPORIUM, as well as our newest site, the VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION are all built on the Weebly platform - maybe it  could be useful to you also, should you be looking for a platform to build your website on (a basic account is FREE! You can get your feet wet and test it out before you upgrade to Pro!)
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