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Our Artist for the month of December 2012 is


Please click the image above to visit her gallery page.

Visit us at the Visionary Art Gallery:

Thursday, November 1, 2012


“Divining the Dream” is about remembering, reclaiming and rejoicing in our common divinity. It is a thought provoking quest for love.

I have woven the poetry and art of sixty artists and twenty-five poets together with my own, to produce this global expression of love.

chose material inspired by dreams, meditations, archetypal stories and icons, social and ecological situations and trance states.
Vishnu, Buddah and Christ can be seen peacefully frequenting the same image or stanza.

The Goddess unfolds as Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Pan dances with Amazonian shamans.

Insects, snakes, animals and fish are respected.

The elements are revered.

Our Universal Consciousness is honored.

The book has no chapters, but quite shortly you might note that it follows the romance of our divine mother and father as they weave the wheel of the year. Moving through the solstices, equinoxes and the forgotten holydays which originally marked the beginning of our four seasons, we follow both their dance and our own heart. Dancing in the same rhythm, through our familiar humanstory, from birth to growth, decline to death, we rise so high and dip so low. We are on a hero’s journey: harvesting lessons and revelations.

Painters Aloria Weaver and David Heskin along with Delvin Solkinson (editor of CoSM Journal) have gifted the book by proofing it with me.


As a gift to the community I have organized an itinerant show of participating artists and also a visionary conference for 2013. At the conference there will be the book and exhibit launch, concerts, networking and presentations from:

Brigid Marlin

Carrie Ann Baade

Michael Divine

Bruce Rimell

Marc Henson

Leo Plaw and others


Profits from sales of this book will help pay logistical costs.

We are reclaiming the power, the vision and the love needed to pull us into a new and constructive age.

Liba WS 2012

The book is available for 35 or 40 euros including shipping. (depending on the shipping destination):!store

To see some pages of the book, watch this slide show:

mouse over for slide show controls - may be viewed full screen!

For a more thorough project description and list of participating artists and poets:!dreams-&-divinities

To see images of the beautiful UNESCO site we have for the Visionary conference :



Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Artist of the month November 2012 - IAIN WHITTAKER


Our Artist for the month of November 2012 is


Please click the image above to visit his gallery page.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


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 here is a preview of DREAMS AND DIVINITIES:

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du 20 Octobre au 4 novembre 2012 - SEDAN

Follow the shows presented by Libellule... Exclamation! Sedan 2012


Prof. Gotthard Fellerer - Phantasten Museum Wien

Prof.Gotthard Fellerer   
ist Künstler, Organisator, und Förderer, er hat über das "Phantastische" für das Phantasten Museum Wien
praktisch im Alleingang und monatelanger Arbeit selbstlos  
1. für das Museum den neuen Katalog 
2.die Wanderausstellung "fantastikum" 
3.Eine Sonderausgabe der BravDa Im Streiflicht " Phantastisch"
 produciert und mit Hilfe des NÖ Kulturforum und BravDa auch selbst finanziert
die Wanderausstellung ist noch bis 24.10 im Phantastenmuseum zu sehen und wird anschließend in Leoben gezeigt danach in Krems weitere Stationen folgen.
Es wird damit das Phantasten Museum Wien beworben und die angeführten Publikationen sind ab sofort im Museum als Konvolut erhältlich.
Der Kaufpreis von EUR 25,- kommt dem Museum zu gute.

Lieber Gotthard im Namen aller Künstler und allen Beteiligten 
DANKE DANKE DANKE du bist ein besonderer Mensch

Mit besten Grüßen
Erich Peischl
Österreichisches Kulturzentrum
im Palais Palffy
Josefsplatz 6, 1010 Wien
Tel:   +43(1)512 56 81
Fax.: +43(1)512 31 56
Mobil.:+43 (0)664 131 77 31

Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIE MAGIE DES AUGENBLICKS - Exhibition Hanno Karlhuber


Exhibition Hanno Karlhuber


Vernissage on Saturday, November 3rd 2012, 11:00 AM

The Exhibition is open from November 11th to November 23rd 2012, daily 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Phantastenmuseum Wien
Palais Palffy
Josefsplatz 6, 1010 Wien

Tel: +43(1)512 56 81

+43(1)512 31 56
+43 (0)664 131 77 31





Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fantastic Generations – Uncommon Visions, opening at the Palais Palffy Vienna

Going back a couple of months:

Opening of the Fantastic Generations exhibition, right from the center of Fantastic Realism, the city of Vienna. Over 30 artists from all over the world presented their artwork, curated by Philip Rubinov Jacobson.



Friday, September 28, 2012

LENA BRAUER - Exhibition

September 29th 2012 to October 14th 2012
open daily 10:00 to 18:00 hr
Österreichisches Kulturzentrum
im Palais Palffy
Josefsplatz 6, 1010 Wien


Friday, September 21, 2012

Exhibition KATRIN ALVAREZ at the Phantasten Museum in Vienna

Ausstellungseröffnung gestern mit Frau Katrin Alvarez.
Die Malerin spendete die Einnahmen aus dem Verkauf ihrer Bilder der Organisation
Mission Possible  - es geht um Kinder !!!!!!!
Wir haben zwei Bilder verkauft und auch einige Spendengelder gesammelt.
Die "Phantasten" im Phantasten Museum Wien tun was!
Ich freue mich über diese tolle Gemeinschaft.
Erich Peischl, GF Palais Palffy
Exhibition opening yesterday with Ms. Katrin Alvarez.
The artist donated the proceeds from the sale of her paintings 
to the organization Mission Possible  - it is all about children!!!
We have sold two paintings and even collected some donations.
The "Visionaries" in the Phantasten Museum in Vienna make things happen!
I appreciate this great community.

Erich Peischl, GF Palais Palffy
The Exhibition is open from
September 18th to October 3rd 2012
10:00 to 18:00 hr daily
Österreichisches Kulturzentrum
im Palais Palffy
Josefsplatz 6, 1010 Wien
Tel:   +43(1)512 56 81
Fax.: +43(1)512 31 56
Mobil.:+43 (0)664 131 77 31

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spirit of Painting Bali Retreat

IMAGINE ... The Spirit of Painting in Bali 2013
IMAGINE .... being immersed in the magic of Bali , learning new painting techniques and meeting fellow "creative workers" at the same time. No experience is necessary. Contact Philip
IMAGINE... staying at the Bali Purnati Center for the Arts where we will have a top- notch studio and share our meals and visions.
IMAGINE... attending a seminar with Master Painter Philip Rubinov Jacobson who is a recognized figure in the Fantastic
and Visionary genres of art, who is the core teacher during the seminar . Philip encourages an intuitive approach and immersion in the alchemy of art, strengthening a higher vision and enhancing powers of observation.
Individualized instruction is emphasized.
IMAGINE... mixing the knowledge of the old masters with the contemporary eye of the painter... an ancient future experience. Exploring a personal visual language through developing new techniques.
A personal plan of study is developed. Mantra Cora is the assistant of the seminar.
IMAGINE ... experiencing the guest artist master painter Wolfgang Widmoser , also a former student of Ernst Fuchs, share his vast knowledge of painting.
IMAGINE... meeting De Es Schwerberger, master painter, will also present his fascinating painting series.
De Es is an Austrian who has worked in New York and out of his vast studio in Vienna since 1987. He lifts our spirit.
IMAGINE... stretching with a yoga class as the birds sing .
IMAGINE... being inspired by artist and writer Della Burford who shares her knowledge of the chakras and helps develop ideas for future paintings.
Dale Bertrand will facilitate a session on Medicine Wheels.
IMAGINE... participating in The Cultural Bridges program organized by Norah Burford which an evening with I Made Sidia, a Wayang and puppeteer. The Cultural program includes a performance and two tours to magic locations in Bali such as Bresakih.. the Mother Temple, Lake Batur with a volcanic mountain and the Holy Water Springs.
The combination of grace of the beautiful people of Bali, the exotic environment and being with other creative workers, will ensure expressive powers and the bliss of painting.
Go beyond imagining and make it real! We would love for you to join us in Bali!
Thanks to all those who contributed to photos, music, and energy.
The group photo of is the students from the Old Masters/New Visions program that was in Austria summer 2012 and taken at De Es's studio where we were joined in the photo with De Es, Otto and also some visiting artists who were in the "Uncommon Visions" show at the Phantasten Museum Wien which Philip curated .. Don, Andrew, Daniel and Liba.

Contact re more information on seminar in Bali ... Philip at or Norah at

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Our Artist for the month of September 2012 is


Weisser Mohn  by NORBERT GLADIS
Weisser Mohn
Please click the image above to visit his gallery page.



Friday, August 24, 2012

Christian Flora - Exhibition at the Palais Palffy


Das Kulturzentrum Palais Palffy
lädt zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung
CHRISTIAN FLORAam Freitag, 31 August 2012, 19 Uhr
in die Palffy Galerie
Josefsplatz 6, 1010 WienDie Ausstellung präsentiert das Werk des Malers Christian Flora. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf der graphischen Arbeit des Künstlers. Präsentiert werden bis dato noch nie gezeigte Skizzen, Entwürfe, Zeichnungen und Studien zu seinen Gemälden. Somit lässt sich erstmals die einzigartige Arbeitsweise des Malers nachvollziehen: Der Betrachter erkennt wie die mechanischen Strukturen seiner Gemälde entstehen und wie die Bilderwelt von den organischen Formen und Körpern bevölkert werden.Ausstellungsdauer: 1.09.2012-15.09.2012

Österreichisches Kulturzentrum
im Palais Palffy
Josefsplatz 6, 1010 Wien
Tel:   +43(1)512 56 81htinnd_of_the_skype_highlighting
Mobil.:+43 (0)664 131 77 31 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting

Monday, August 20, 2012

50th Year Anniversary of the Monografico Museum with 26 Surrealist Artists

This September the Museum of Conimbriga will celebrate it’s 50th year anniversary with an exhibition of 26 surrealists artists.
"International Surrealism Now" presents works from twentysix artists from sixteen countries. The exhibit opens on September 1stat the Monografico Museum, Conimbriga, Portugal

“This ancient setting juxtaposed with contemporary surrealist art will have an extraordinary result" stated Santiago Ribeiro.
On display until September 30, the exhibition has the support of the Municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova, the League of Friends of Conimbriga and the Institute of Museums and Conservation.
For more information contact:
Sanitago Ribeiro at
or Liba W Stambollion at

Saturday, August 11, 2012

de es news: massive group exposure

de es news: massive group exposure - by De Es Schwertberger

There are four groupexhibitions of fantastic-visionary artists, running at the same time, where i have attendet the festive openings and had the enjoyable opportunitiy to hang out with artist-friends and to make new ones. A spirit of a common cause is present, which gathers forces to break through into a larger public not only consisting of other artists and each artists personal entourage. It is the exposure to the "larger public"which will generate new collectors and sales. A shift from the "starving artists syndrome" to a position of "creating out of abundance" will certainly help to multiply the visibility of an art that deserves to be called art.

The shows are curated by artists who participate in them and not by highranking curators affiliated with museums , art fairs, galleries and art-halls. Also the showlocations are initiated independently from the socalled art world . Not only is there is an incredible massive display of contemporarty art of the other kind in the virtual showcases of social networks and platforms, now there is also a vital force that claims space in social and cultural reality.

This is good news : we are becoming a new art world, a parallel universe of contemporary art.

Curators and organisers : Prof. Philip Jacobson Rubinov, Olga Spiegel, Miguel Tio and France Garrido, Reinhard Schmid, Hanno Karlhuber. Thank you for all your tedious work you put into making these shows possible!

Click images below for more information on the individual events (as published in the Visionary Art Gallery pages and blogs):

originally published today by De Es Schwertberger

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dreams & Divinities


Liba is an artist living in Paris . She paints, makes books and designs furniture.
Ecology, erotica and the sacred are the recurrent themes in her work.
She is inspired and resonates with the message of Love from people of all cultures and from all ages.
Liba was born to American parents but grew up in South East Asia. She moved to the USA in her teenage years. She did a year of art and environmental studies at Simons Rock of Bard College and went on to graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied painting, wood working and bookbinding.
Liba designs furniture for her company Matahati – and has exhibited with both surrealists and visionaries in the USA, Paris, London, Germany , Spain and virtually in Australia at the Sensorium. She is part of Shoji Tanaka’s East - West fantastic art groups: Genso and IFAA
Her designs, poems and paintings have been featured on television, in several books & in numerous articles.


Sunday, July 8, 2012


From: France Garrido

Dear friends,

Olga Spiegel, Miguel Tio and I have launched a kickstarter project and we hope to raise $2500 during the next 3 weeks.  If we do not raise the goal then we will receive none of it.  So if you have $5. or more, to share with us in an effort to pay for some of the expenses we have incurred in this project we would greatly appreciate it!  Act now to support the arts, its a very worthy project.  Please visit our link below to see what we've been up to.  The work is exquisite and I KNOW you will love it!

Join us at the opening:  July 12, 5-8PM 

at the Queensborough Community College Art Gallery, 222-05 56 Avenue, Bayside, NY  We are offering a free shuttle to and from the gallery.

RSVP is Required:  Contact:

The bus departs:  JUly 12, 4PM SHARP so arrive a little early.  The Chelsea Hotel, 222 23rd  Street, NYC
The bus Leave the gallery at:  8PM SHARP and it will bring you back to The Chelsea Hotel.

France Garrido TA
'Aging is like enlightenment at gunpoint'. Anna Halprin




Monday, July 2, 2012

Art News - QCC Art Gallery Invitation

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The Art of the Fantastic

An International Invitational Exhibition

July 12, 2012 – September 20, 2012
Opening Reception:  Thursday, July 12, 2012 ~ 5 – 8pm

Contact:         Faustino Quintanilla – Director          
                       Lisa Scandaliato – Assistant Director 


Visionary art is a journey, an inner journey of interconnectedness, into a world of extraordinary imagination, encompassing and exploring the qualities of light and dark with a universal and personal focus.  The artist’s utilize images that run the spectrum of the human condition, from elation to desperation.  From the heart rises fantastic and astonishing works of art!
- France Garrido

VISIONARIES presents forty participating national and international artists whose work

exemplifies the growing genre of art known as Visionary art.  Their works are created in a

variety of mediums, predominantly painting, many of which are executed in the Mische’

technique rediscovered by Professor Ernst Fuchs and perpetuated by Brigid Marlin,

founder of the Society for Art of Imagination. 

Isaac Abrams                           Carrie Ann Baade
Bienvenido 'Bones' Banez, Jr.     Pedro De Kastro
Michel de Saint Ouen                Eike Erzmoneit
Kim Evans                               Scott Façon
Shlomo Felberbaum                  Ernst Fuchs
France Garrido                       H.R. Giger
Yarek Godfrey                          Artur Golacki
Peter Gric                                Erik Heyninck
Martina Hoffmann                     Brigid Marlin
Mars-1                                    KD Matheson
Janelle McKain                         Tanya Miller
William Otto                            Breck Outland
Graszka Paulska                       Steven Peabody
Otto Rapp                               Shahla Rosa
Dominic Rouse                         Sybille Ruppert
De Es Schwertberger                John Seabury
Carol Spicuzza                         Olga Spiegel
Sandra Stanton                       Heidi Taillefer
Miguel Tió                               Cynthia Lund Torroll
Robert Venosa                         Madeline von Foerster
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Free Bus Shuttle to and from the gallery.
LEAVES:   Chelsea Hotel, 222 23rd ST., NYC
                 JULY 12, 4PM SHARP ~ Arrive EARLY