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Limited Time Promotions - Otto Rapp FAA Canvas Prints

Canvas Print Promotion ends 01/04/2014 at 05:00 PM

Canvas Print Promotion ends 01/04/2014 at 05:00 PM

Canvas Print Promotion ends 01/04/2014 at 05:00 PM

with profits made from this promo I pledge to support this cause:
Dreams and Divinities goes to Mexico
Funding duration: December 29, 2013 - February 07, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

Fundraising Campaign On Indiegogo
cover art painting courtesy Alex Sastoque

D&D page on the Visionary Art Gallery website

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'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things: 
of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings.'

The times of manning the barricades have long since past for me. I no longer hold my breath waiting for change. Hoping, against all hope, perhaps, but I have no illusion that pissing against the wind will change the course of the Titanic. 
From time to time, articles such as "Successor states to an empire in free fall" appear that would promise a glimmer of hope:
"I believe that something different really is happening in today's cultural jungle. Something is stirring that hasn't been seen for 30 years. New theories are emerging with strange and wonderful names that aim to describe in detail a culture and society they say are found on the far side of postmodernism." - Alan Kirby -
but alas, the triumphant proclamation:
Postmodernism is dead. Wail and rend your clothes. Postmodernism is dead. The tyrant is vanquished! 
was probably a little premature. Like I said, don't hold your breath! From time to time, I might indulge in the occasional rant, such as in my post About "Modern Art" and its excesses or I may also pass on some observations such as I'm sick of pretending: I don't get Art - but.... refer to my Titanic quote above.

However, I cannot help throwing the occasional firecracker, little barbs that I am well aware of won't change the course of history one iota, but doing so is catharsis - it makes me feel better (hopefully, it makes you feel better also, that's the whole point).   Jeff Koons could probably care less about what I write, nor would he even know who the hell I am or why he should even care. But I do want to say right here that I find him to be a very engaging and likable individual, and I enjoyed the way he talked about his art.

Lets get to the point, after all this preliminary banter:


Nothing on the conceptual art scene today really surprises me: during my student days (77-82) I was involved with our student newspaper. I wrote critiques, also for our local newspaper and a few times for a national art magazine. Hence my signature "Self-portrait with the Critical Eye" from that period where I tried, tongue in cheek, to show the conflict between being an artist and a critic at the same time.

When I say nothing surprises me: I contributed on several occasions conceptual ideas to our spin-off paper that came out irregularly during carnival and at April Fools Day. It was called "The McLiarist". A few of these conceptual head-slappers I now recognize in contemporary con-art - could it be that somehow they read yellowed copies of this rather obscure (fake) student paper from way back when? Or was I simply clairvoyant?

Laocoön and His Sons

Ernst Fuchs - The Anti-Laokoon, 1965

So now, in the same spirit I hereby conceptualize the following (no need to actually make the object): As in the sixties the Vienna School had reacted to Lessing's Laokoon and particularly Ernst Fuchs had created his monumental work "The Anti-Laokoon" (from his period 1960 to 1970); the first artwork that Jeff Koons sold to a collector (for $ 3.000.-) was a basketball in a fish tank.

I therefore propose the 
being  imaginary basketballs turned inside-out and filling the space of an otherwise empty gallery.

In this space here, I had a image and text link: 
Open Cube Group Show at White Cube Mason's Yard
the image depicted a totally empty room
unfortunately the website does not exist anymore. I should have copied the content (live and learn).
Googling it now only shows several images on the official website, but none of the spaces are empty, like the image shown on the article I had linked to.
But unlike the space above, which is derived (or better said: "derivative") of Brian O'Doherty's "Inside the White Cube", this gallery space is not empty, but filled to the brim with imaginary inverted basket balls.

Now if I could just get an interested collector to buy this for hmmmm, let's say 48 Million Dollars 

There are many that say they have a problem with contemporary art: they don't understand it.
I also have a problem with contemporary art: I do understand it.
That makes it so much more painful.

About "artspeak" and the new "tribal jargon" of the artworld:
International Art English

recommended - test "artspeak" text here:
BlaBla Meter - Bullshit Detection Tool

Last, but not least, I would like to share a bit of humor:

How to Succeed in Contemporary Art Without Really Trying
 Just in case this article 'disappears' again, I did 'salvage' this image below:

9. Grab a big armload of shit out of a Goodwill donation dumpster and paper-mache it all together like a disturbed child. If you can’t find a pink sweatshirt, just toss in a dirty rag or whatever junk is closest, like a fast-food wrapper. But not your beret—you’re going to need that. You’re an artist now. 

UPDATE December 2019
Again, the gist of the Vocativ article disappeared, like, the images are missing now, because they redone their website, and the link to it is just a fragment without images.
But the sleuth that I am, I found that the Internet Archive, bless their heart, has a copy of that post in their files, complete with pictures!
Here it is:

I laughed so hard, tears were streaming down my cheeks. Then I really cried ............


UPDATE March 2017:
on a related Facebook post, these relevant links were in the comments:

I Was Jeff Koons’s Studio Serf


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Julia Hanzl - Exhibition Phantasten Museum Wien

Julia Hanzl - Grotesk Art Skulpturen 
 von 7. Dezember 2013 bis 5. Jänner 2014 
Phantastenmuseum Wien

Gruselkabinett mit Keramik-Figuren

Vom Totenschädel-Fisch bis zum schreienden Buddha: Bei ihrer „Grotesk Art“-Schau im Phantastenmuseum präsentiert Julia Hanzl gruselige Kreaturen aus Keramik. Fotograf Mark Anton Siskov inszeniert die Figuren in düsterer Umgebung.

Gruselkabinett with ceramic figures

From the skull-fish to screaming Buddha: In its "Grotesque Art" show at the Phantastenmuseum, Julia Hanzl presentscreepy creatures made ​​of ceramic. Photographer Mark Anton Siskov staged the figures in darker surroundings.

.....read more (article in German,  from Wien orf.at)

see more on the facebook page HERE

..... and Julia Hanzl's page at the Visionary Art Gallery: http://www.vagallery.com/julia-hanzl.html

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Callas Art Fair 2013

Callas Art Affair 2013

Nun steht es endlich fest: Die erste callas art affair findet im Herzen von Bremen statt. Passend zu der festlichen Stimmung zum Ende des Jahres hin, dürfen wir Gemälde der „Neuen Meister“ und Künstlern aus Bremen und dem Umland erstmalig in einer gemeinschaftlichen Ausstellung der interessierten Öffentlichkeit vorstellen. Besonders freuen wir uns als Bremer Kunst- und Kulturverein darauf, dass diese Ausstellung fantastischer Kunst direkt in der Bremer Innenstadt stattfinden wird. Daher hoffen wir auf eine starke Resonanz, um so der Kunst- welt einen neuen Wind einzuhauchen…

Dauer der Ausstellung vom 15.12. bis zum 25.01.2014


callas art affair 2013 - Facebook Einladung

15.12.2013 - 25.01.2014
14.00 - 20.00 Uhr
Ausstellende Künstler:
Gerd Bannuscher
Sonja Bendiks
Michael Krähmer
Joachim Lehrer
Ines Scheppach
Markus Vesper



Friday, November 29, 2013

SAY NO TO FREE ART - and related stories

Several years ago on  
a post appeared that garnered quite some attention. It is titled

Every day, there are more and more posts on here seeking "artists" for everything from auto graphics to comic books to corporate logo designs. More people are finding themselves in need of some form of illustrative service.

But what they're NOT doing, unfortunately, is realizing how rare someone with these particular talents can be.

To those who are "seeking artists", let me ask you; How many people do you know, personally, with the talent and skill to perform the services you need? A dozen? Five? One? …none?
These are just the first few lines - there is more, and there are hundreds of comments on it. READ MORE HERE

But as I had some good comments to add to it, I am afraid they might get lost in the crowd, so let me add them here on my blog as well, because one most recent incident  needs to be put out front and center, the story of Designer Juan Luis Garcia

UPDATE Dec. 5th 2013: well, the response below is still on twitter, but the letter posted on line, (with images , now gone) does not exist anymore. Is there a story? Perhaps. If the tweets exists, the story certainly had been there ..... bought out? chickened out? Settled? Who knows. There is still a post on Yahoo with some info about it. More about it also on The Daily Dot. And of course Spike Lee's twitter:

- this story is the perfect illustration for point 6 in the above article on deviantART, which reads:

6. (This one is FOR the artists out there, please pay attention.) Some will ask you to "submit work for consideration". They may even be posing as some sort of "contest". These are almost always scams. They will take the work submitted by many artists seeking to win the "contest", or be "chosen" for the gig, and find what they like most. They will then usually have someone who works for them, or someone who works incredibly cheap because they have no originality or talent of their own, reproduce that same work, or even just make slight modifications to it, and claim it as their own. You will NOT be paid, you will NOT win the contest. The only people who win, here, are the underhanded folks who run these ads. This is speculative, or "spec", work. It's risky at best, and a complete scam at worst. I urge you to avoid it, completely.
So to artists/designers/illustrators looking for work, do everyone a favor, ESPECIALLY yourselves, and avoid people who do not intend to pay you. Whether they are "spec" gigs, or just some guy who wants a free mural on his living room walls. They need you. You do NOT need them. Say NO to free art.

Some time earlier, October 2013,  in the New York Times Sunday Review a article appeared:

- a short excerpt from the second page:
".....I know there’s no point in demanding that businesspeople pay artists for their work, any more than there is in politely asking stink bugs or rhinoviruses to quit it already. It’s their job to be rapacious and shameless. But they can get away with paying nothing only for the same reason so many sleazy guys keep trying to pick up women by insulting them: because it keeps working on someone. There is a bottomless supply of ambitious young artists in all media who believe the line about exposure, or who are simply so thrilled at the prospect of publication that they’re happy to do it free of charge......" 

It is recommended to read the whole article by Tim Kreider, Published: October 26, 2013 HERE
and also check the Comments

Another good example (published 11.06.13 on 'Dangerous Minds'):

 Amidst the ongoing discussions about the value of music, British alt/rock/tronica artist Whitey has had enough of being asked to donate his music for free to large companies who, by rights, can and should be paying him. After receiving one such email from a company called Betty TV, Whitey, aka NJ White, wrote this caustic response and posted a screenshot on his facebook page:

I am sick to death of your hollow shtick, of the inevitable line “unfortunately there’s no budget for music”, as if some fixed Law Of The Universe handed you down a sad but immutable financial verdict preventing you from budgeting to pay for music. Your company set out the budget. so you have chosen to allocate no money for music. I get begging letters like this every week – from a booming, affluent global media industry.

Read more HERE

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A Millions Poodle - ostentatious display of enormous wealth

Jeff Koons sculpture "Balloon Dog" was sold at auction in November at Christie's in New York for 43 million. | © Christie's Images / dpa

from the article in "Zeit Online" - http://www.zeit.de/2013/47/jeff-koons-kunstwerke

Ein Millionenpudel
Jeff Koons’ Werke brechen alle Rekorde. Sein "Balloon Dog" brachte bei Christie's mehr als 43 Millionen Euro. Er steht für eine Kunst, die nichts mehr ist – außer teuer. 
A Millions Poodle
Jeff Koons' works are breaking all records. His "Balloon Dog" brought in more than 43 million euros at Christie's. It is an art which is nothing more - but expensive.

it is in german, so you would need to have a translator installed.

Here is my own comment regarding this:

 It is not about "Art" or the value of it, but about ostentatious display of enormous wealth. Once upon a time the oligarchs would light their cigars with hundred dollar bills and have food-fights with beluga caviar. They would buy designer shirts where one button would cost as much as another man's entire wardrobe. It is a display of wealth to the point where they are demonstrating they can and will do anything with their money. Times have changed - this isn't good enough anymore. Even Damien Hirst's diamond studded scull is passe by now, because it has material value. No, now they demonstrate their superior wealth by throwing millions at something totally banal and worthless. Something that says and means absolutely nothing other than "I paid 43 million dollars for it". A few of these purchases, if invested in Greece, could probably take the country out of junk-bond rating. Or it could bring lasting prosperity to a township in a developing nation if for example invested in a irrigation system or something similar.
Museums can no longer afford to acquire these modern 'masterpieces' - they tried in the past by deaccession some of their holdings to raise the money, but one would have to sell an awful lot of Rembrandt's and Rubens to pay for one Koons. Perhaps the ultimate thrill for one of these oligarchs would be if the Louvre put the Mona Lisa up for auction. Then they could buy it and roll it up into a fireplace log....... Koons himself is now enormously wealthy. If he would use his wealth to do some good, the crowd of the super-rich would instantly turn on him, because money made on the backs and sweat of the peons has to be wasted and thrown out the window. Or 'invested' into something that is as utterly stupid as a balloon dog.

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Sacrae Particulae Ex Nihilo


The Art of Gromyko Padilla Semper

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Luminarte Represented Artists - New Works


Opening Reception Saturday November 9th, from 7 – 10pm 

mouse over for controls - may be viewed full screen
Photos courtesy Breck Outland

1727 E. Levee St.
Dallas, Texas 75207
Phone +1 214-914-4503

More info with embedded documentation here: Luminarte Represented Artists - New Works

this blog is sponsored by

International Surrealism Now Exhibition in Lisbon


Exhibition International Surrealism Now
Roque Gameiro House - Amadora - Lisbon

November 30th 2013 to January 4th 2014
Opening times: Tuesdays to Saturdays - 10 am - 12:00 noon and 2 pm - 5:30 pm


Roque Gameiro House
Praçeta 1º de Dezembro 54
2700-668 AMADORA

About the exhibition site Roque Gameiro House

Built from 1898 to 1901 as the house of watercolour painter Alfredo Roque Gameiro and his family, this house has an architectural style influenced by Nationalist ideals shared by both intellectuals and politicians of the 90’s generation of the 19th century. The initial project was conceived by Roque Gameiro himself, but architect Raul Lino changed it later. The inside of the main floor is covered by pattern tiles and decorated with small ornaments of colourful tiles at the end of doors and windows. In the dinig room, you will see tiles painted by Bordalo Pinheiro depicting bunches of grapes and ear corns. You can visit the living rooms of Roque Gameiro family, profusely decorated with tiles, as well as temporary exhibits in the two interior floors of the building.

Update from

Lisbon “International Surrealism Now” – The Roque Gameiro House, Amadora

 Lisbon, Portugal, 14-11-2013 — From November 30 to January 4, 2014, The Roque Gameiro House, in Amadora , Lisbon, hosts the exhibition “International Surrealism Now”, conceptualized by Santiago Ribeiro . The event features artworks from 29 countries. The opening is scheduled for 4pm, 30th of November. 

“International Surrealism Now” began in Coimbra, in 2010, when Santiago Ribeiro conceived a major exhibition which was organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. The event was presented in Conímbriga, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Conimbriga Monographic Museum (second most visited museum in Portugal) and, subsequently, went to Paris, with the support of the GAPP – Portugal Presente Art Gallery and Liba WS, and once again organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation and Santiago Ribeiro , and was later presented in Madrid, with the support of Yamal Din. 

Santiago Ribeiro requested the partnership of artist Victor Lages (who developed the project ” Utopia of Fantastic Art “), for the purpose of organizing exhibitions in the Lisbon Region, which has already happened at the House of Culture in Setúbal , in Lisbon’s city center , at the Gallery of Caixa de Crédito Agrícola, at the House of Culture Jaime Lobo e Silva, in Ericeira, more recently at Fellini Gallery, in Berlin, with the exhibition entitled “21st Century Portuguese Surrealism” and will soon occur at the Roque Gameiro House , in Amadora . 

At present, the “International Surrealism Now” exhibition includes artists from 29 countries: Germany, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Spain, USA, Philippines, France, Netherlands, Indonesia, England, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Vietnam. 

The exhibition consists of a variety of artworks, created through different techniques and media, such as drawings, paintings, photography, digital art and sculpture. 

Participating Artists 

Acácio Cainete / Portugal, Ana Neamu / Romania, Anna Plavinskaya / Russia, Andrew Baines / Australia, Brigid Marlin / England, Daila Lupo / Italy, Dan Neamu / Romania, Daniel Hanequand / Canada, Daniele Gori / Italy, Edgar Invoker / Russia, Egill Eibsen / Iceland, Erik Heyninck / Belgium, Farhad Jafari / Iran, Firmo Silva / Portugal, Flavio Caporali / Brazil, France Garrido / USA, Francisco Urbano / Portugal, Gromyko Semper / Philippines, Héctor Pineda / Mexico, Hélio Cunha / Portugal, Hugues Gillet / France, Isabel Meyrelles / Portugal, Joana Completo / Portugal, João Carvalho / Portugal, Jorge Moreira / Portugal, Keith Wigdor / USA, Konstantin Shahanov / Russia, Leo Plaw / Germany, Liba WS / France, Ludgero Rolo / Portugal, Luís Athouguia / Portugal, Luís Fernandes / Portugal, Lv Shang / China, Maciej Hoffman / Poland, Magi Calhoun / USA, Maria Aristova / Russia, Martina Hoffman / Germany, Mehriban Efendi / Azerbaijan, Naiker Roman / Spain, Nazareno Stanislau / Brazil, Octavian Florescu / Romania, Oleg korolev / Russia, Olga Spiegel / USA, Otto Rapp / Austria, Paula Rosa / Portugal, Pedro Diaz Cartes / Chile, Rudolf Boelee / New Zealand, Rui Silvares / Portugal, Santiago Ribeiro / Portugal, Sergey Tyukanov / Russia, Shahla Rosa / USA, Shoji Tanaka / Japan, Shan Zhulan / China, Sio Shisio / Indonesia, Slavko Krunic / Serbia, Sônia Mena Barreto / Brazil, Steve Smith / USA, Svetlana Kislyachenko / Ukraine, Ton Haring / Netherlands, Victor Lages / Portugal, Vu Huyen Thuong / Vietnam, Yamal Din / Spain, Yuri Tsvetaev / Russia, Zoran Velimanovic / Serbia. 

Among the participating artists, Isabel Meyrelles stands out for her relevancy in the world history of surrealism. She was born in Matosinhos in 1929, studied sculpture with Masters Américo Gomes and António Duarte. Settled in Paris in 1950, where she continued her studies at the Université René Descartes – Paris V-Sorbonne and l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. In 1952 she studied sculpture with Master Zadkine at the “Grande-Chaumière”. She Integrates the surrealist movement, which she considers immortal and closely follows the French surrealism (whose founder was André Breton, with whom she coexisted) and also the work done by her friends, such as Triston Tzara. She also gives special attention to the Portuguese surrealist movement, being friends with António Pedro, O’Neill, Cesariny, Cruzeiro Seixas, among others, and also with Eugénio de Andrade and Natália Correia. Poetry is also an integral part of her life. Isabel Meyrelles was awarded Commander of the Order of Saint James of the Sword, by the President of the Portuguese Republic. Daniel Hanequand, French surrealist recently deceased, is another important name in the field of international surrealism, whose unique artworks are a great contribution for the exhibition’s singular importance. Russian world-renowned artists such as Yuri Tsevtaev, Sergey Tyukanov and Oleg Korolev constitute a link with events in the Russian Federation. Should also be noted the participation of the North American artist Shahla Rosa, of a great name of the 21st century surrealism, as well as the participation of Austrian artist Otto Rapp, who has been carrying out the “Visionary Art” project with exceptional commitment . 

Roque Gameiro House 

Built in Amadora, from 1898 to 1901, as the house of watercolour painter Alfredo Roque Gameiro and his family. It is now opened to the public and some of its living rooms, profusely decorated with tiles by Bordalo Pinheiro, can be visited and admired. The Roque Gameiro House is one of the most notable historical and cultural heritage references in the municipality of Amadora. 


The exhibition can be visited from from November 30, 2013, to January 4, 2014 

Tuesdays to Saturdays – 10am-12:00 and 2pm-5:30pm 

Roque Gameiro House 
Praçeta 1.º de Dezembro, 54 – Venteira 
2700-668 Amadora 

Telephone number: (+351) 214 928 054/ 5 

Santiago Ribeiro 

Telephone number: (+351) 964485027 

De 30 de Novembro a 25 de Janeiro de 2014.