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Grenzüberschreitende internationale Kunstausstellung - Phantastischer Realismus

von 29. April bis 15. November 2015

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Ernst Fuchs passed away at age 85

It came as a great shock to me to find out this morning that Ernst Fuchs passed away. 
I am very sad.
 Rest In Peace dear Ernst!
Malerfürst Ernst Fuchs mit 85 Jahren gestorben

Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs dies aged 85

MEMORIES - some are from 3 Years earlier celebrating his birthday at the Cafe Palffy, downstairs from our studios at the Palais Palffy, also the home of the Phantastenmuseum Wien.
Ernst Fuchs 2012
February 2012 at the Cafe Palffy
with Dr. Cornelia Mensdorff-Pouilly - it was his birthday!

Ernst Fuchs, Bella Volen and I were studio neighbors at the Palais Palffy - 
here we are in Bella's studio with German artist and mutual friend Siegfried Zademack 

at the studio
again, at the birthday party in the Cafe Palffy with a young friend of the family
he was always writing in his journal ...... one day I had purchased a "Augustin"
(Boulevard paper), he began drawing in the margins of it.
He even signed it. When he was done I took the paper and saved it. 
Happy birthday, Ernst! The stick-pin paintbrush was one of the birthday treats he got that day.
Here he is studying my drawing of "The Beast Of Babylon", on display at the Phantasten Museum. 
The sun glasses were not just a fashion statement: he didn't like to get flashed,
so whenever there were photographers around he would don the glasses. 
these photos quickly gathered from my files - I collected (and took many myself)