Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Light Fantastic - NovaBelgica Art Gallery

On Friday May 13th, 2011, NovaBelgica Art Gallery in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, will present its second group show: ‘The Light Fantastic: Masters of Magic Realism, Fantastic and Visionary Art’.

Gallery owner and metalsculptor Tim Roosen has gathered a fine group of international artists for this show. Many of them have never before shown their work in Belgium.
From Denmark come Claus Brusen and Tommas, from Holland Peter van Oostzanen and from Austria Sigrid Nepelius. Poland is represented by Jacek Lipowczan, Kriz Cruz and Marcin Kolpanowicz. From France comes Virginie Ropars and from Australia (though currently residing in Berlin, Germany) Leo Plaw.
Belgian artists include Magda Francot, Jef Bertels, Christien Dutoit, Raoul Chanet, Dirk Bosschaert, Roland Menten and Jo Pirard.

Finally, the artists represented by the gallery: Christine Morren, Olga Gouskova, Els Wenselaers, Steve Kirkham, Eddie Symkens and Tim Roosen have also made new work for this exhibition.
The show opens on Friday May 13th at 8pm – a number of artists will be present – and runs untill June 19th. The gallery will be open on Sturdays from 10am till 6pm and on Sundays from 2pm till 6pm, as well as by appointment.
More information on and the gallery’s Facebook page.
Picture credits (top to bottom): Tommas, Jacek Lipowczan, Christien Dutoit

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Exhibition CHRISTIAN FLORA - Dom Gallerie Wiener Neustadt

Christian Flora

Samstag 30. April 2011, 10-13 Uhr
Künstler anwesend
2. bis 20. Mai 2011

Gabriella Kolesa
Böheimgasse 3, 2700 Wiener Neustadt - Austria - Google Map
Tel.: 02622/23 1 57
Handy: 0664/1212944
Fax: 02622/23 2 91

Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 9.00-12.00 und 14.00-18.00 Uhr. Sa 9.00-13.00 Uhr.

Monday, April 18, 2011


MAY 14


The Congregation Gallery is proud to present three art shows on one special evening. Dan Harding, Larkin, and Patrick "Star 27" Deignan are some of the most qualified painters amongst the art world today.

And on May 14th we will unveil their new visions, and all artists will be in attendance! This is not to be missed!

Dan Harding


A resident of New Jersey, Dan Harding is a self taught virtuoso. His technique and style have been compared to the masters, and many viewers refer to him as their all time favorite. His newest chapter; Splinters, will bring all of the rawness and savagery deserving of supernatural folklore. This all new body of work promises to be nothing short of a

wicked wild ride from fiction to our darkest dreams.

Horror art may have its greatest scribe, or perhaps its greatest innovator.

Patrick "Star 27" Deignan

Bad Obsession

A resident of Saint Petersburg, Florida, Patrick "Star 27" Deignan

tells us the brief narrative of coveted fame with Bad Obsession. This attempt to find fulfillment in things outside oneself and be eluded to fame and power. Even the partial fruition of these is gained by very few; and that, too, at the expense of health, conscience, and life. His muse is portrayed in vibrant colors as if attracted to neon lights just off the canvas. Like the superficiality being captured, each portrait is only a snapshot, a glimpse, into the tarnished and broken prison of addiction. Bad Obsession tells the tale of vices, weaknesses, and the shortcomings of the the human race.


Rhinestone Deities

A resident of Tacoma, Washington, Larkin's work is an interwoven tapestry of Baroque portraiture infused with delicate and monstrous characters. Rhinestone Deities parallels and contrasts the roles of symbiosis, struggle, cohabitation and extinction that are the wages of life on Earth. The organic nature of his subject lay a bridge between humans and other animals, and also the surreal foundation between sculpture and painting. This collection has become a mysterious place where dreams and nightmares coexist and intermingle among both two and three dimensional surfaces.

The Congregation Gallery is located at

Forgotten Saints

7569 Melrose Ave

Hollywood, CA 90046

Thursday, April 14, 2011


In the Austrian province of Carynthia, about 20 km from the St. Egid Chapel in Klagenfurt (famous for Ernst Fuchs' elaborate interior *) you will find the Fortress Castle of Hochosterwitz.

Situated on a 500 foot high rock, you ascend to the castle proper via 14 fortified gates on a 2000 foot long path. There are new and exciting vistas found at every turn of the way, spiralling upwards toward this magnificient structure. It has been said that this castle had never been conquered, and no enemy ever made it past the 4th gate.

Arriving at the top, the view over the land is magnificient in every direction. The illusion persists that on a clear day, one could see as far as Italy.

I am comparing this journey to the spiritual journey one takes while creating art when first setting down a mark. This initial mark is the entry point on your journey through the inner universe. Each successive mark, like one of the gates of the Hochosterwitz, is taking a step closer to revelation. As you ascend, the journey gets more complicated, since the keys to the gates are more like tumblers - you need to assemble that which you have learned so far in the right and specific order to unlock the next step, to defeat the elaborate defense mechanism barring you from going any further.

Imagine now, if you will, that a quick and easy way to the top is provided via a cable car or an elevator. You simply pay at the bottom to be taken to the top. When you get there, you may view the same vista that I do, but what you miss is the journey upwards and the many wondrous things encountered along the way, as well as the appreciation, sense of bliss and satisfaction of having accomplished this ascent. Your view might be the same, but your appreciation of it lacks the experience of the trip and thus I would suspect the understanding and awe of what you see at the top.

Entheogens are the elevators that you may use to spare you the journey to get to the top. In my opinion, it is accomplishing the journey itself that counts here and truly lets you appreciate what you find when you get there.

Rather than a pale snapshot of the top view, when taking this journey on your own power, your art would reflect this whole experience in its entirety.

* this blog is the result of a discussion about the use of drugs by artists, such as Ernst Fuchs. The question was asked by the interviewer in this recent article:  Ernst Fuchs: "Wir leben ja bereits mitten in der Apokalypse" - story in the Kleine Zeitung, Austria, 12.04.2011

See more about the art of Ernst Fuchs at the

Saturday, April 9, 2011

De Es Exhibition Flughafen Wien - RAUMGEWEBE

Der Vorstand der Flughafen Wien AG freut sich,
Sie anlässlich der Vernissage von
De Es Schwertberger
einladen zu dürfen
Dienstag, 12 April 2011, um 18:00 Uhr,
General Aviation Center am Flughafen Wien
Laudator :Joachim Lothar Gartner.Präsident des Künstlerhauses Wien
im Anschluss laden wir zu einem Buffet

The exhibition includes a selection of oil paintings from 1990 to 2010 and is dedicated to the topic RAUMGEWEBE
The experience of spatial depth is to me essential to the effectiveness of an image.
Over the years, I have explored and cultivated the different methods of creating the illusionary space and to get a painterly grip on it.
Here, the linear geometry of previous "Living Structures" is transformed into swinging room organisms, in which the light is, now as before, woven in as a useful imaging focus.
The radical changes in world view and the human need for stable occupation of the Universe mirror themselves equally in all of my work.

originally published by De Es HERE

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 2nd Annual Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress


Gallery, Festival and Workshops planned for the Hilton Waikoloa Village

The history of art is full of momentous occasions when new ground is broken and the world is forever changed. After this May, the books will need to be updated yet again when the 2nd Annual Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress lands on Hawaii’s shores to stage this year’s conference at the luxurious Hilton Waikoloa Village. This dynamic art and education event is scheduled for May 13-16, at one of the Big Island’s most prominent and beautiful resorts. Featuring live painting and displayed works by the most recognized names in this burgeoning movement, this unique and celebratory congress will host the American Fantastic Realists; Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann, as well as show paintings from a broad collective of the western world’s most prominent illuminated painters including: Mark Henson, Luke Brown, Carey Thompson, Xavi Panneton, Amanda Sage, Adam Scott Miller, and more than 20 other internationally known artists. In addition, the event will include the powerful digital montages of Android Jones, who recently performed in Australia painting his art in light across the Sydney Opera House.

With special keynote participation, this dynamic 3-day Event will be attended by Romio Shrestha, the ‘Spirit of Art in Asia’ and the originator of the Indo-Nepali-Tibetan school of T’angka painting. Romio founded a school and monastery in Tibet, holding private audience with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and spearheading the development of contemplative and spiritual art. After the Maoists destroyed his school, Romio fled to Ireland via India and Indonesia, where he resides today with his wife and three daughters. His arrival in Hawaii this summer will historically mark his return to Pacifica, after having been forced to flee and live abroad. Romio will be displaying original T’angkas and giving his address, entitled “A Monastery Without Walls.” This contemplative, artist and teacher is the only living artist shown in both the Museum of Natural History in New York, and the British Museum. He also has shown his work in all of the top galleries in Amsterdam, and Zurich, As well as in the Smithsonian. His celebrated medicine art is collected by Some of the most prominent figures across the globe..

Accompanying this scintillating collection of Visionary Art in the Alchemeyez Galleries will be a vast array of illuminated, meditative and dance music from 36 of the western world’s most prominent electronic producers across three stages. With environments designed to depict elemental symbology and the principles of alchemy, this conference promises to be a historically notable event!

All of these offerings will be further accompanied by a broad schedule of discussions, addresses, workshops, yoga classes, movie screenings, dance performances, rituals and interactive art displays. Additionally, the words of leading educators such as Dennis McKenna, the world’s pre-eminent ethno-pharmacologist, James Oroc, the author of one of the world’s most insightful and educational books on nature medicines, ayahuasca, and shamanism, Joel and Michelle Levey, internationally celebrated meditation instructors, as well as Dr. Robert Kassar, a leading visionary and master consultant on the topic of longevity and whole food nutrition will grace the Hawaiian beaches.

Weekend passes to this collaborative tapestry of masterful art, music and education are available online for $225.00 at, where more thorough information about this festival can be found. Rooms may be booked online or by calling the Hilton Waikoloa directly and are offered at special Alchemeyez rates for this annual Event.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to join the planet’s leading visionary thinkers, educators and artists for a three-day colloquium into the mysteries of this fabulous, modern art movement. Are you prepare to be catalyzed, transformed and inspired?

Book your reservations and tickets today!

Patrick Sellers, Marketing Manager
Phone: 818.641.9830


Adam Scott Miller

Aloria Weaver

Amanda Sage

Android Jones

Ashely Foreman

Autumn Skye Morrison

Carey Thompson

Chris Dyer

Clay Chollar

David Heskin

Eric Nez

Francene Hart

Imago Dei

Jessica Perlstein

KA Kathryn June

Krystle Smith

Luke Brown

Maricela Alvarez

Mark Henson

Martina Hoffmann

Matthew Poplawski

Nate Hogen

Rio Gordon

Robert Venosa

Xavi Panneton

Yurik Riegel



iLL Gates


David Starfire






Lee Foss

Ressurector (HDC)

Anahata Sound

Michael Manahan


Lotus Drops





Little John



Satchi Om




Franky Helix

E.L.F. Gabriel

Sweet Beets


Ernie K

Miki Mayhem

Willis Haltom


Sky Makai


EZ Kine


Dennis McKenna

Joel & Michelle Levey

James Oroc

Jamie Janover

Romio Shrestha


Hawaii Fire Artists


Serpent Feathers

Saturday, April 2, 2011

MICHEL OGIER - VISIONARY ART GALLERY Artist of the Month for April 2011



Le feu sous la cendre  by MICHEL OGIER
Le feu sous la cendre
(Picture links to Michel Ogier's page at the VISIONARY ART GALLERY)

Visit the Artists Website: MICHEL OGIER