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Aftermath November 2016 by Tess Rafferty

What's there to add? A hard-hitting commentary by Tess Rafferty:


In my youth, as far too many of you remember, I saw politics as very black and white. I wanted nothing to do with you if you were Christian or Republican. “Don’t get personal” people (usually Christians or Republicans) always said. What was hard for me was that it was personal. The things I was passionate about were the things that these other two factions seemed intent on taking away from me and they affected me personally. It’s sort of hypocritical of someone to tell you to not take something personal when in fact what they want to do is take away one of your personal freedoms.

Over the years I’ve tried harder to find common ground. I’ve tried to focus on what we have in common more than what separates us. I’ve tried to see what I like about people as individuals and remember that we’re friends and that we have to all be friends when this is all over. And I’ve seen polite discussions change some perspectives. I know they’ve changed mine on issues.

After Tuesday I think my younger self had it right.

I am so damn tired of trying to see it from the “other side,” of trying to discuss nuance, while they paint us and our candidates with the broadest of hateful brushes instead. I’m tired of pretending like it’s somehow reasonable to teach Creationism in a public school with my tax dollars while you tell me that two same sex people who love each other getting married weakens your marriage. If you voted for Trump, I'm tired of trying to see things your way when you sit in your holier than thou churches/white power meet ups refusing to see mine. Am I lumping you in with white supremacists? No. You did that yourselves. You voted for a candidate endorsed by the KKK. For the rest of your lives you will know that you voted the same way as the KKK. Does that feel good to you? (Here’s a hint: it really shouldn’t, especially if you’re Christian.)

I'm tired of pussy footing around what offends your morals while couching what offends mine. Because racism and homophobia and misogyny and xenophobia offend mine. Let me say it here: if you voted for trump I do think you're racist. I do think you're homophobic. I do think you're misogynist. Racism, homophobia and misogyny are all spectrums and you’re on it. You might not be " cheering while a black man gets lynched racist" but boy did you just sell them the rope and look the other way.

Don’t like getting painted with the broad brush of racism? Now you know what it feels like when you get told you want to rip a baby out of a mother’s womb at 9 months when THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENS! THAT’S NEVER WHAT HAPPENS! You want to be Christian? Look inside yourself and try to find some compassion for the women who’ve been told in their third trimester their baby’s not going to live. They’ve had their shower. They’ve decorated the nursery. They know the sex and probably have a name picked out. But look at all that and keep screaming baby killers at them and voting against candidates who defend the biological necessity to have to do the unthinkable and I think I’m cool still calling you a racist.

I tried to be polite but now I just don't give a damn because let's be honest we don't live in polite America anymore. We live in grab ‘em by the pussy America now. So thank you for that. Being polite was exhausting.

And don’t come at me with how you just didn’t like Hillary. This was bigger than Hillary. The whole free world knows it so don’t pretend like you don’t. This wasn’t your standard, “I want lower taxes and smaller government” Republican. We had Germans warning us that this guy was scary and still people cried emails or Benghazi or “that voice.” And the truth is there’s been mountains of evidence proving that none of this was a big deal; some of the finest minds in the world have drawn you charts and graphs pointing to why no crimes were committed and you were either too dumb or too willfully ignorant to care. And if you really cared about crimes, you might care about any of the 3 pending against your candidate. Take your pick. I’d start with the rape of the 13 year old girl, but again if you voted for Trump, you probably don’t care much what happens to women. Doesn’t matter anyway. She got so many death threats from your “political peers” she dropped the charges anyway. But ask me again why more victims don’t come forward.

And speaking of smaller government and lower taxes, enjoy not getting mine. If Trump actually does what he says, you and your petty backward states and your small angry towns can pay for your own schools to not educate your children. I live in California, the largest economy in the United States and number 6 in the world. We’ll be fine. Have fun affording all those children your health insurance won't pay for your birth control to prevent. I’m just kidding. You won’t have health insurance. Won’t that just be great (again?!)

And while I’m done being polite, if you voted 3rd party, un-friend me. I don’t care how much we enjoy each other on every other level. I don’t care how much you want to make your 3rd party a viable option. Fuck you. You basically told women and the LGBTQ community and people of color to take a back seat to your need to have another option. Well done. Now, we’re not only in the back seat, we’re actually being dragged behind the car. But how’s that third party coming? What are you doing about it today, November 10th, by the way? Are you volunteering for your third party so you can get more of their candidates into state and local elections? Looking into how to help make them viable for the mid-term elections? I look forward to who you present to save us in 2020, if there’s anything left to save.

Also, while I am at it, if you are one of those people telling me this week how Bernie could have defeated Trump, un-friend me. But kudos to you for living in a world where you think being Jewish wouldn’t have mattered to Trump supporters. I wish I could buy property there. Tell me, what are the schools like that far up your own ass?

The truth is that for those of us on this side, there is no “when all this is over,” things are just getting started. We think yesterday was bad? We don’t know what bad is yet. This isn’t something you get over. This is something you endure. We are going to face attacks on every right we fought the last 60 years to gain. The deck is so stacked against us we may not win. The best we can hope for is gridlock. And that’s just nationally. Internationally, who the fuck knows what’s going to happen with this lunatic. And the scarier thought is that the only thing worse than him is the guy that’s one angry tweet away from the Presidency, Mike Pence, advocate for gay conversion therapy and mandatory funerals for fetuses.

So now’s the time you may want to see things from my side. Because if we’re all “going to have to be friends after this” imagine me having to be polite and respect your vote to take away these rights and freedoms of mine and my friends while we fight desperately to hold onto them. Because that is what you did.

And that all says nothing of what you just said about us as women. I haven’t gotten to that yet because I may scream when I do and if I start I may not stop. So let me just say, you told every woman that being sexually harassed does not matter. Being sexually assaulted does not matter. Working hard does not matter. You took the most qualified candidate we’ve had in decades – a woman - belittled her for every single mistake and misstep she’s ever made while you took the most unqualified candidate we’ve ever had – a man – and ignored every mistake he ever made. But you’re not sexist. No let me tell you: Yes. You. Are. And if you’re a woman, Girl, you got issues. And I say that as someone who crawled out of the bitter, self-hating womb of one of these women. I know that most of these women are damaged and that I should find the compassion for them but I am not there yet because I am so sick of damaged people damaging the rest of us.

And isn’t this somewhat an abusive relationship at this point? If you have friends or family like this, cut them off. I'm giving you permission. They didn’t give two shits about your rights or happiness on Tuesday. You don’t have to pretend like it’s all cool and pass them a plate of turkey two weeks from now. It’s like we’re all abused partners saying to each other, “But you don’t know what he’s like when he’s not racist.” Being racist isn’t the same as liking Dire Straits. It’s not like you just don’t like the same music. Being racist is always racist. And voting for Trump makes you a racist. Protect yourselves, Friends. Because those assholes always do.

Tess Rafferty

Friday, December 9, 2016


The Visionary Art Network Artists of the Month, from when this feature was first introduced when the public website opened in August 2009 to presently December 2016. The private network was started on the Ning platform in January 2009 by Otto Rapp with a handful of friends. As the network grew, we eventually mirrored the best content from our network in the public Visionary Art Gallery (VAG): VISIONARY ART GALLERY Represented are Surrealist, Visionary and Fantastic Realist artists from around the globe. Associated with the VAG is the spin-off Visionary Art Exhibition (VAE) site: VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION - there you find guest blogs and special selections of artworks from our network. The section of Featured Artwork is regularly updated: FEATURED ARTWORK Visit the VAG page for Artist of the Month ► Slide Show here: ARTISTS OF THE MONTH SLIDE SHOW - the images link to the respective artists pages. Soundtracks by JASON SHAW under a creative commons attribution license all images are © by the artists video produced by Otto Rapp ART OF THE MYSTIC OTTO RAPP

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Seelenmesse für Ernst Fuchs

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Announcement - Invitation for the opening on September 30th

Exhibition Kunsthaus Reitbahn 3, Ansbach, Germany
September 30. to October 23. 2016
Great write-up in a Bavarian Newspaper covering the Exhibition:
Spiel mit der Wirklichkeit - Magischer Realismus
​click photo above to view large image in my Flickr album - opens in separate window

The opening of this exhibition,

announced in my website blog earlier HERE went very well. 

Slide show from my Flickr album :
​Artists in this exhibition:
Udo Winkler
​Michael Engelhardt - Wolfgang Harms - Hanno Karlhuber - Michael Maschka - Jo und Hans Niklaus - Otto Rapp - Susanne Steinbacher
Ausstellung im Kunsthaus Reitbahn 3, Ansbach, Germany
The majority of these photos were taken prior to the opening during installation. 

Previous blog entry on the website of Otto Rapp:  ​MAGISCHER REALISMUS - ANSBACH

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Magischer Realismus
Udo Winkler und Freunde

my works in this exhibition:

Parthenogenesis II 

Bogomil’s Monastic Retreat

Revelation 20

Pablo's Last Concert

Hour of the Cock

Bogomil's Landing

The Visitor

prints are available here:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Electronic Travel Authorization

Canada now requires a eTA (electronic Travel Authorization) for Visa-exempt countries.

The 'grace period' for travels to Canada is running out in September of this year.

Clint Eastwood - still from the movie "Unforgiven" - I just picked this image out of the blue to make this post more interesting. 

For some time now, the USA requires similar, called ESTA.

The whole idea of Visa-exemption is that countries (or in this case, the EU) reciprocate in kind, that is, allow Canadian and American visitors to visit without a Visa. Fine. So why not return the favor and ask US and Canadian visitors to EU countries to get similar travel authorization in order to visit? 
I had recently gotten a ESTA for the US, and the application process is somewhat similar to getting a visa, except it is electronic and you don't need a stamp in your passport or some such document. The questions you are asked are the same as for a visa application. (I checked them both out). 

So this is what I say, since I have to jump through those hoops to travel to Canada or the US:
MAKE THEM DO THE SAME IN EUROPE - lets get similar requirements for visitors from US and Canada for Europe, and see how that feels! A lot of paperwork that doesn't stop terrorists from entering the country - one of the questions on the application for a US ESTA is if you are planning to carry out terrorist activities!?! 
Well duh - a terrorist will fill this out dutifully and truthfully, lol!

But kudos to the US Homeland Security - about another question I have to say this: The Canucks didn't think things through and their application process hangs up on stupid details that are eliminated by the kind of questions the Americans ask. Like the question about convictions and charges. The Americans define it precisely: "Have you ever been convicted for a crime that resulted in serious damage to property, or serious harm to another person or government authority?" Now this question I could honestly answer with a NO. The Canadians on the other hand ask: have you ever been arrested or convicted .... as in maybe spitting on the sidewalk! So if you are honest, you have to say yes, and then they want a bunch of documents, such as court records etc. - now such a question, if answered honestly would eliminate more than half of the people in the town (I had lived in Canada for a long time) to ever travel anywhere!

My "handycap" is that I am travelling with an Austrian (EU) passport - now if I had a Syrian passport, I would be welcome with open arms!  But don't get me started on Syrian passports! There is enough evidence that ISIS had captured passport blanks and facilities to issue genuine Syrian passports in the towns and regions that they occupied.

WYRMSPAWN - Inside Kobani
digital artwork using my drawing and a news picture of Kobani

A U.S. government agency report has warned that Islamic State has the ability to create fake Syrian passports 

- REUTERS Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:06pm EST

.... driving me to drink ........

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Visionary Art Exhibition - Zoom Gallery


we are happy to announce that we incorporated a new app to zoom images.



Currently there are only a few examples - but there will be more to follow soon!

I am trying out this new app - the page is under construction. After some tinkering, I came up with the right page design how to best present selections of outstanding art from our members of the private Visionary Art Network. This is in addition to our regular FEATURED ARTWORK: with over 500 member artists there are now (as of today) 13,936 photos uploaded, most of which are artwork, and the majority of it (that has been set for public view) is presented on the artists respective pages in embedded slide-shows at the VISIONARY ART GALLERY, our parent site.

As the network grew from initially a handful of members, it became necessary to spin off a site where we could showcase outstanding individual works as well as present exciting blogs by guest writers from our membership - Dreams & Divinities and Archaic Visions - and also feature important exhibitions and links to associated sites such as The Society for Art of Imagination and the Visionary Art Network Australia (to mention only a few - this category is growing as well). 

Another spin-off website is our VISIONARY ART HALL OF FAME - as it grew it became necessary to present it as a separate site. This site is also under development. It features pioneer artists as well as a selection of historical artists considered important to our community. 

One of my future projects on the drawing board is a remake of our parent site, the Visionary Art Gallery  with an updated template. I am currently trying different test versions. There are problems with migrating features that are unique to the current template, so it will be necessary to adjust and re-design all the individual artist pages and other featured pages one by one. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016



I had started the category of International Surrealism Now quite some time ago in order to feature the great work my friend Santiago Ribeiro was doing in promoting and organizing shows, ever since the monumental 2010 INTERNATIONAL SURREALIST EXHIBITION at the Bissaya Barreto Foundation in Coimbra, Portugal.

Alas, of late I was not able to follow up on the latest developments since I am increasingly busy with other projects, My last entry was on Friday, October 16, 2015.
I don't abandon my friends, and I would also not want to disappoint readers that had earmarked this category, so I was quite elated when I found that a old mutual friend of ours, the 'Oneiric Realist' Steve Smith and his wife Debbie had picked up the slack and began featuring INTERNATIONAL SURREALISM NOW on their website!

So anyone looking for the latest news under this category, head on over to Steve's site:

click above ▲ to visit the new site

Also exciting: they are just in the process of setting up a magazine:

The Oneiric Realist – Magazine

click above ▲ and check out the announcement of the impending launch!

Thank you Debbie and Steve Smith for picking up the slack!

Steve Smith announced on his Facebook page (June 12th 2016):

The ideas for the magazine " The Oneiric Realist" are flying back and forth between Debbie and me this morning. It feels as if everything I have been working on over the last several years is finally coming together in this magazine project. We're in the early stages but we wanted to get the word out and get some interest from artists who would be interested in submitting their work for the first issue. (The image is a mock-up of the cover concept.)

I will be installing a tab to this magazine on my VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION site!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

IM’AGO PRIMORDIALIS exhibition at Krab Jab Studio, Seattle USA


July 9 – September 3, 2016
Artists’ reception:
July 9, 2016, 6-9 PM
5628 Airport Way S. Suite 150
Seattle, USA

photos and posters reproduced are courtesy of Don Farrell

Artworks by :
Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger,  Brigid Marlin,
 Martina Hoffmann, Robert Venosa,
Peter Gric, Roku Sasaki, Tomasz Alen Kopera,
Steven Kenny, Liba W. Stambollion, Igor Grechanyk, 
Amanda Sage, Autumn Skye Morrison, Susannah Martin, Andrew Gonzalez,
Otto Rapp, Forest Rogers, Jean Pronovost, Miguel Tio, Benjamin Vierling,
Jeff Mihalyo, Don Farrell, Yvette Endrijautzki,
William Fahey and Bryan K. Ward.
Curated by : Don Farrell, in association with Krab Jab Studio

Ernst Fuchs - Frau Lot

“Knowing doesn’t reside in the knower,
nor does truth in what is known,
but in between.”
– “A Mystical Epistemology”, Peter Reason

Mystery has been banished; everything must be defined. And yet, while analytical thought bestows many gifts upon civilization, we remain insatiable. As if the unknown, itself, is the very ferment of community, humility, love….and life.

Embracing mystery as a source of inspiration, Fantastic Realists from around the world present this exhibition of numinous, visionary art – to reawaken feeling and intuition marginalized in today’s cynical analyses.

Like the mystical traditions of countless cultures, their works assign symbols to The Unknowable, reaching through the ephemeral illusion we have come to know as reality, to an underlying, timeless, spiritual narrative. Universal mythology is interpreted with vivid imagination, and masterful technique renders it believably real.

Beneath the veil of seeming, an intuitive, visual language suggests that we are all part of something glorious, yet unrevealed. Fulfillment reflects from mystery in the primordial image, encouraging us to find, within ourselves, a unique understanding beyond the grasp of intellect…a feeling of connection…our own personal harmony with an ancient melody that is often unheard amidst the dissonance of perpetual immediacy.

Text by  Don Farrell


I will be showing my drawing SPIRAL RAPTURE II


Poster featuring the artwork of  Roku Sasaki

(poster courtesy Don Farrell)


Featured Workshop with BRIGID MARLIN

To register for this workshop go to
Brigid Marlin weekend workshop, July 9 & 10, 2016
----- ~ -----

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Alberta art gallery takes down student’s work after complaint over nudity

A Lethbridge student's art piece is being called, by some, too controversial for elementary school students. The Lethbridge Public School Board asked the Southern Alberta Art Gallery to take the piece down after a parent complained.

A piece of art created by a Lethbridge high school student has been taken down from where it was hung at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) after someone filed a complaint about it. ..............​ Kimberly Tams from CBC has more.

My own 2 cents worth of comment:

Is this for real? It sounds like a bad Saturday Night Live spoof about this Alberta hick town, or maybe something one would expect to happen in ISIS controlled parts of Syria. Certainly not in a modern Western Society. That the Lethbridge School District 51 would give in to a complaint by a obviously uncultured prude is astonishing; laughable if it were not such a sad reflection on what misunderstood 'political correctness' has come to dictate, forcing the moral position of one onto the general public. What next? This piece is a brillant collage by this grade 12 student, a tribute to historical art. Next would be banning any depictions of Michelangelo's work found in places such as the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Good enough for the pope, but oh, not suitable for the morals of prudish Lethbridge. And again, Southern Alberta's Lethbridge makes it self the laughing stock of Canada and the world! Way to go!

Pictured is a familiar piece, the Birth of Venus by Sandro Boticelli.

But it appears this made the rounds already, here is a write-up in Metro News:

A student's work has been deemed too racy for a Lethbridge school board's elementary school children after parent complaints.
The classic art remix, a collage of works including the Birth of Venus, has been whisked away to a private viewing room.  
All of the schools in Lethbridge participate in an arts program to submit student work chosen by teachers to the Southern Alberta Art Galley (SAAG) – it’s called Art’s Alive.
The works range from kindergarten-aged children to students in Grade 12.
On Wednesday of last week the Lethbridge School District No. 51 took down a Grade 12 student's work after a parent, or several parents, complained “about the content of the work.”

...... read more

by  Helen Pike Metro News



I had posted the original CBC article on Facebook. One comment I found particularly fitting was by a Portuguese artist friend:
Crazyness! I would call it the "Fig Leaf syndrome". I recall the Michelangelo's David episode... but that happened in the Victorian era . Nowadays, people with such psychological disorders would make better use of their time getting adequate therapy instead of spending time in galleries. Just sayin'...

Now here is another one:
I can't avoid being shocked by the recurrent news about artwork being banned for nudity from galleries and museums. It always provides me an involuntary travel in time - but no thanks, my eyes are on the opposite direction!
-Is the artwork so empty of art that it can only activate particular parts of the viewer's brain?
- Does the viewer own a real brain, with real nervous tissue and all?
Now, seriously, worldwide perverts, blind spirits and narrow-minded religious freaks, get a life... and especially a good psychotherapist!! The rest of the world says "Ah! Good for you! Was about time!".
"What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful that the garment with which it is clothed?" (Michelangelo)
Yeah! Back to the 15th century, what a cool guy Michelangelo was. Some centuries later, yeah, the question remains urgent:
What spirit?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

W.A.G.E. Calls for New Museum to Fully Compensate Artists

Artist advocacy group Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) is calling for the New Museum to receive certification to ensure all its artists earn fair pay as the building plans for expansion, funded by an ongoing $80 million capital campaign. In an open letter, the New York-based group expressed concerns that the museum will not properly compensate the people “upon whose work [its] existence is predicated,” the letter reads, as its programming naturally also grows. W.A.G.E. Certification is a voluntary program that signals an organization’s commitment to fees that meet a minimum pay standard.
The $80 million will pay for the takeover of the neighboring building, currently home to museum-led incubator New INC, but it will also triple the New Museum’s endowment. The museum has so far raised over half its fundraising goals thanks in part to a gift from collector Toby Devan Lewis, who provided an undisclosed amount that represents its largest single donation in its history, as the New York Times reported. W.A.G.E. is also asking the museum to request that Lewis provide the funds to make certification possible.
The New Museum, designed by Tokyo-based architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA, is a seven-story, eight-level structure located at 235 Bowery between Stanton and Rivington Streets, at the origin of Prince Street in New York City.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Fashion Designs by Otto Rapp

I had recently opened another exiting POD fashion store in addition to my (previously announced) label at VIDA. By partnering with MyWear® I was able to expand the variety of items which bear my unique designs. This complements also the many products I designed on Zazzle, as well as my artwork prints (and related products) on Pixels.

You are a unique individual, and so should be your fashions and accessories! 

Mass-produced items that everyone wears and owns are not for you.

Zulu Tunic

Decalcomaniac Colorfield Tunic

Stand out from the crowd, assert your individuality with fashions designed with you in mind.

 Whether it is clothing, shoes or a cellphone cover, the item you own may well be the only one in your city. 

No one else is likely to own the exact same!

 ◄  Pictured here are examples of tunics I designed for MyWear - based on details of my artwork. ► 

At my MyWear® shop, you will find a growing collection of great fashion items I designed just for you! Many more over-all printed tunics, dresses, tops and tee-shirts, but also a variety of bags, all with my individual designs based on my artwork, especially adapted for your specific garment or fashion item. 

MyWear Designs by Austrian Artist Otto Rapp

Not just dresses and t-shirts, there are also a variety of bags available. I am particularly proud of my messenger bag designs, pictured below:

Zulu Messenger Bag
Fomorii Incubator Messenger Bag 

Please Note: MyWear® is currently only shipping to: 

A variety sampling of some of my unique designs from all my On-Line Stores is found on my Pinterest Board: 

Follow Otto's board My Fashion Designs on Pinterest.

Visit my Stores to find many more items:

MyWear® - VIDA - ZAZZLE - PIXELS -  deviantART 

My Website:


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Otto Rapp fashion designs on VIDA VOICES

I am excited to announce that some of my artwork is offered as a 

click above ▲ or below ▼ to go to my designer page

the designs are adaptions from details of my best artwork, specifically for use on these featured products. 
Here are a couple of examples:


find  many more tops, scarves and pocket squares with my unique designs in my

about VIDA:

VIDA is a new kind of fashion e-commerce company that connects artists like me all over the world with producers to bring our work to life.
For every product sold, VIDA hopes to provide the gift of literacy to the makers they work with.

corresponding page on my website:

Monday, January 4, 2016

"Art of the Mystic" Shoe Designs

Four years after individually designed shoes were discontinued on Zazzle (at that time, the brand was Keds), they came up with a new brand: ZIPZ® with printing done by Delta Custom in Orange, CA.

Here are my first couple of shoes I designed, follow the links for more detail and ordering in my Zazzle Artsprojekt Store:


The design of this shoe is a digitized rendering of my painting 'FOMORII INCUBATOR - IN THE BEGINNING', which was then mirrored. Filling the spaces they are cropped details. I believe these shoes are certainly a show-stopper and quite different from any other. Chances are YOU may well be the only person in town (or even in your state) that owns such a pair! A truly exclusive design!
Check out Artsprojekt Low Tops online at zazzle

The sides of this shoe are a digitized coloring of my drawing 'Horror Vacui', which was then mirrored, while the back and tongue are also a digital rendering of my drawing 'Garuda Sanctuary'. Filling the spaces they are cropped. I believe they are certainly a show-stopper and quite different from any other. Chances are YOU may well be the only person in town (or even in your state) that owns such a pair! A truly exclusive design!

After this initial test with these Low Tops, I feel motivated to design more. There are also other styles available to work with, High Tops and Slip-Ons. I will be posting them once done.

Spoiler alert: I have now also submitted designs to a new and very exclusive clothing company, producing high-end fashions. Should they adopt some of my proposed designs, I will keep you informed.