Saturday, October 18, 2014


This is very sad -another Icon of the Fantastic Realists is gone. This would have gone largely unnoticed (what a shame, actually) were it not for Sigrid Nepelius posting in her German language webzine Phantastisch. A quick websearch reveals that there is nothing at all, other than this article on Phantastisch. The papers didn't notice, and neither the english nor the german wikipedia articles had been updated.
The Phantasten Community mourns one of its greats. The Viennese painter and graphic artist Wolfgang Hutter (13 December 1928) passed away on September 26, 2014. Hutter was a founding member of the Art Club and one of the main representatives of the famous Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. His magical canvasses are worked out to the smallest detail and reveal his sensitive handwriting. Hutter's art encompasses also tapestries and mosaics such as the mosaic floor in the Theater an der Wien. For three decades, Wolfgang Hutter worked as a professor at the Vienna University of Applied Arts. In 1977 he received the Prize of the City of Vienna for Visual Arts, and 2011 he was honored with the Golden Medal for Service to the City of Vienna. Let's hope that the death of Wolfgang Hutter is no longer ignored in the public media. Such a large and internationally important Austrian artist and his family should in any case be granted the final tribute in the form of an honoring obituary. Many thanks to Gerhard Habarta without whom the sad news of the death of Wolfgang Hutter and this little obituary would not exist.

The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism