Monday, January 27, 2014

Artcrystal Project

The major upcoming event, "the Soccer World Cup in 2022", creates a tremendous need for hotels and leisure facilities in Qatar which tries accordingly to realize distinctive architectural projects and infrastructure (subway).
In this realization process, our project represents a new landmark for the city, which will be a cultural focal point and venue for both tourists and locals.
Nature as the mother of our life and art as free will of the individual - both show the diversity of our world.
The event center appears like a fine, polished crystal that has just "landed" in the bay of Doha. Its double-shell outer skin studded with crystal-mirrors and LED Technology makes the building look mystical and even more curious through its exterior-cooling, ever-present "cloud" that is reinforced at night with light effects.

Through the translucent skin of the architectural sculpture appear glass-bubbles perceived like air inclusions found in naturally grown mountain crystals. Emotions are created through a tension-creating game between translucent and semitransparent components which stimulates you to discover!

Alongside the ARTCRYSTAL, a children's and sports park is build on the riverside to increase and upgrade the range of leisure and recreational opportunities. There you can also find a 5D cinema and a stage for open-air events on the sea.
In our presentation we have picked up some of the topics and displayed them using examples.
These "Space Balls" should be developed with international artists, set designers and entertainment specialists.
The result is a fascinating walk-in building displaying the ideas of world history in a "Fantastic Surreal" way, and with its uniqueness becomes the new magnet and cynosure of the city which will attract the suspense of the international audience.