Monday, July 25, 2011


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Peruvian-Canadian artist and inspired visionary, Chris Dyer, comes to Northern California for the
opening night of his Solo Exhibition, ‘Moment of Truth’ at Tribe 13 Gallery in Ukiah, CA.
On August 4th, 2011, Tribe 13 Art Collective will be celebrating the Opening Night of Moment of Truth, a Solo
Exhibition featuring the Positive Creations of visionary artist, Chris Dyer. The show will take place at the Tribe 13
Gallery, located at 221 N. State St. Ukiah, CA, and hang from August 5th - 26th. It features a massive collection
of his original artwork, created over the course of his life-long journey as an artist, and stemming from what
seems like many lifetimes of experience. While being a renowned member of the global Visionary Art community,
this show marks the first time he will be exhibiting on the United States West Coast and that such a large volume
of his work will be shown together at one time.
Dyer’s art depicts a supremely unique flavor of consciousness-expanding imagery and illustrative symbolism,
drawing upon his experiences travelling the world and calling to mind the common ground between seemingly
distant cultures. As a long-time environmental activist and outspoken instigator of change, his life - like his art - is
characteristic of someone who cares deeply and believes passionately that each one of us has within us the
capacity impact the future of our world. While presenting a diverse and dynamic perspective of reality through his
art, wherein many truths can be found, one stands out from the rest: the principle idea that we are all connected,
not only to each other, but to everything around us and to all moments of the past, present and future.
The Opening Night festivities will take place from 8pm - 2am and include performances by electronic music
producers Dov, Lotus Drops and the local Mendocino County favorite, Energy Alchemist, as well as projected
visual art by master light-bender, Johnathan Singer, most well known for his collaborative work with Alex Grey. In
addition to gracing the walls of the gallery with traditional paintings, Chris Dyer will be honoring his roots in
skateboarding culture, showcasing his nearly obsessive collection of painted skateboards, a ‘Skate-Robot’
created specifically for this exhibition using broken boards gathered up by local community skaters, and two
quarter-pipe installations decked out with his custom designs. He continues to maintain a strong presence in the
skate-world through his alliances with Creation Skateboards and the Satori Movement, two brands that utilize his
artwork to express a more positive side to life.
Beyond opening night, Tribe 13 has also invited Dyer to screen his recently released documentary film on
Tuesday August 9th. The film, entitled Positive Creations, follows him throughout his life, from his early days as a
rowdy Peruvian trouble-maker, through his world-travels as a backpacking wisdom-seeker, to his current home in
Montreal where he and his wife wrestle with the reality of passionate artists in our society. Here they contemplate
the meaning of ‘oneness’ in hopes of coherently depicting their visions to better the world as a whole.
About Chris Dyer
Chris Dyer is a Peruvian artist living in Montreal, Canada. He has been creating art since his childhood and has
developed a unique style that blends the different cultures and lifestyles he is a part of including skateboarding,
traveling, graffiti and spirituality. He is known for his rich detail and colorful soul expressions that have been used
as skateboard graphics, printed on clothing lines, and featured in books, movies and magazines. He has exhibited
his art in galleries worldwide.
About Tribe 13
Tribe 13 is an Art Collective and Gallery that has spent that past 10 years laying the groundwork for the Visionary
Art Movement. Currently based at 221 N. State Street in Ukiah, CA, Tribe 13 has paved the way for this
community of artists and thinkers to thrive, starting initially with small scale festival galleries and leading up to
massive installations at international events like Burning Man and Boom Festival. Through support and
opportunity, Tribe 13 strives to bring the best of today’s art to new audiences, creating experiences that are truly
About Dov
Dov is a San Francisco-based electronic music producer known for his energetic sets that delve as hard into a
tranquil interludes as they do into bassline drops and glitched-out frenzies. He is the person behind Muti Music, a
selector at heart, compulsively picking tunes for record labels and for your dancing / listening pleasure.

Patrick Sellers
Phone: 818.641.9830

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Prince und Princess Johannes zu Fürstenberg 
and Dr. Cornelia Mensdorff-Pouilly
invite you to attend the grand opening of the exhibition
on Saturday, July 30th 2011 at 11:00 AM
at the Schloss Weitra in Austria.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Necropolis at the Congregation Gallery

Congregation Gallery Banner
 The Congregation Gallery is proud to present...


At the Congregation Gallery we pride ourselves on our group shows.
Necropolis is our biggest and grandest event to date. 
We've crossed over 120 pieces with every wall hung salon style from 
floor to ceiling with nothing short of the highest caliber dark art from 
around the globe.  
This Saturday be invited to embrace the darkness with us.
Our doors open and the show will preview live online at 9PM  
Participating Artists:
Nikko Hurtado · Christopher Peters · Cam Rackam · Christopher Ulrich ·
 Arjen Tuiten · Tatomir · Larkin · Dan Harding · Carlos Rojas · Cliff Wallace ·
Scott Holloway · Buddy Nestor · Jeremy Cross · Kelly Vetter · Mistiis ·
 Matt Hurtado · Steve Rodgers · Jason Soles · Dean Fleming · John Haley III ·
 Jeffery Figeroua · Corey Urlacker · Aunia Kahn · Christopher Conte ·
John Charles · DisSpain · Mary J. Sheridan · Jethaniel Peterka ·
Benoit Polveche · dAeve Fellows · Christopher Moonlight · Kolaboy ·
Kristen Forbes-Mullane · David Hill · Cory Benhatzel · Liv Rainey-Smith ·
 Marcin Owczarek · Chad Savage · Don Farrel · GAK · the Creep ·
Michael Carbonaro · Kevin Wilson · Jason Hernandez · Tony Cupstid ·
 Zac Shiffer · Michael McDevitt · Kat Gun · Travis Smith ·
Nathan Cartwright · Diego "Yeyo" Aguirre · Diana Comstock ·
Sean Chappell · Scarecrowoven · Thomas Monauni
The Congregation Gallery |
 7569 Melrose, Los Angeles CA 90046
Congregation Gallery | 7569 Melrose | Hollywood | CA | 90046

PHANTAMORGANA Exhibition in Viechtach

Altes Rathaus Viechtach
22. July - Mid-October 2011Ernst Fuchs - Viktor Safonkin - Michael Maschka - Reinhard Schmid

Künstler Prof. Ernst Fuchs zu Gast in Viechtach

Der Mitbegründer des Wiener Phantastischen Realismus, Prof. Ernst Fuchs präsentiert seine Werke in der Bayerwaldstadt! Ernst Fuchs schuf in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten ein weitreichendes, phantasievolles Werk voller Magie und Mythen. Seine genau abbildenden Darstellungen, seine zu Beginn konsequent altmeisterlich angewandte Technik, seine verschmelzenden Bildwelten und Zitate passten und passen bis heute in keinen vorgegebenen Rahmen. Neben Altmeister Ernst Fuchs werden drei weitere international erfolgreiche Künstler in Viechtach ausstellen: Viktor Safonkin aus Prag, Michael Maschka (Nördlingen) sowie der Viechtacher Künstler Reinhard Schmid.

Die Ausstellung wird am Freitag, den 22. Juli 2011 um 19 Uhr im Alten Rathaus Viechtach (Stadtplatz 1) eröffnet und läuft anschließend bis Mitte Oktober. Sie kann Montag bis Freitag von 8 – 17 Uhr, Samstag von 10 – 13 Uhr sowie Sonntag von 14 – 16 Uhr bei freiem Eintritt besichtigt werden.

Im Anschluss an die Vernissage findet am Freitag am Stadtplatz Viechtach eine "Festa Italiana" mit Musiker Daniele aus Florenz statt. Alle sind herzlich eingeladen!
Altes Rathaus
Viechtach, Stadtplatz 1 - Bavaria, Germany