Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blurb Book Promotions

I posted this on our private network.
It may be of interest to the general public that reads my blogs here.
However, be advised that the offer to promote your books is open only to Visionary Artists that are members of my network.
I can assure you that Blurb is tested and true - so feel free to follow the links and start your own publishing!

I just started promoting books published by our members on Blurb via the community blog on the Visionary Art Exhibition site. These blog entries are then shared on facebook, twitter, tumblr,  google+ and stumbleupon. They can also be shared on other social networks.
The first entries were:
If you are self-publishing on blub, contact me with a link to your book(s) and I will blog about it also. Several other books are in queue already and will be published at intervals.
If you are interersted in self-publishing on blurb, just follow this link for more information - it has coupon codes for discounts: 25% off of first purchases for new customers
Please be advised that I am a associate of blurb and receive a small comission should your book sell via my links through the blogs and social network postings. This does not reduce your own profit, but comes from blurb's profit margin. So it is a win-win situation. We both get paid if your book sells!
you could even sell your book on Amazon - find out more here:
and don't forget: if you publish on blurb, or have already published, let me know and send me the link, so I can further promote your book(s)!

To repeat; the offer to promote your books through my blogs is only open to members of my Visionary Art network.