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Arik Brauer's 90th birthday on January 4th 2019


Arik Brauer's 90th birthday on January 4th 2019

For his birthday, I would like to express my sincere congratulations to Arik Brauer.
Since returning to my hometown of Vienna in 2011, 
I have had the opportunity several times to meet Arik Brauer.

Here are some souvenir photos:

Minoriten Monastery Tulln

This was the opening of the Arik Brauer exhibition on 26.9.2017 at 19:00
Minoriten Monastery Tulln, Minoritenpl. 1, 3430 Tulln on the Danube, Austria
Exhibition duration: 27.09.2017 to 05.11.2017

photos by Otto Rapp

Leopold Museum Vienna

Leopold Museum Vienna - I visited this exhibition on 12.2.2015 with Anni Fuchs

photos by Otto Rapp

With sister Lena Brauer

at the Palais Palffy in Vienna
photo by Cornelia Hagen-Fuchs

Dance partner - Lena Brauer and Arik Brauer
Still image from a YouTube video

Opening of the exhibition at Palais Palffy 29.9.2012 
Arik Brauer gave the opening address

29.9.2012 - photos by Otto Rapp

Arik Brauer Private Museum

On 16.2.2016 I visited the private museum

cloned in Photoshop by Otto Rapp
all photos below by Otto Rapp

On this occasion, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that his daughter 
Timna Brauer organizes guided tours in his private museum.

Arik Brauer Art Collection Guides 2019

For more than ten years, Prof. Arik Brauer has maintained a private collection in the basement of his Vienna villa in the Cottage Quarter. On about 200²m his most important oil paintings from the last decades, as well as his most recent ceramic sculptures are presented. A cross-section of his life's work, Fantastic Realism.
Arik Brauer, who celebrates his 90th birthday on 04.01.2019, continues to spend his days from early in the morning until the evening on the easels. Throughout his life as an artist he still works on several pictures simultaneously. He sees no reason to change this habit.
Source: Leuchtpunkte

Various photos

Obtained from Facebook - authors unknown

Prof. Gotthard Fellerer, Prof. Ernst Fuchs and Prof. Arik Brauer
in the Phantastenmuseum - at that time a long-term exhibition in the Figarosaal.
It is now discontinued.

Installation - Ernst Fuchs and Arik Brauer

Benedetto Fellin, Arik Brauer, Timna Brauer,
Ernst Fuchs and Emanuel Fuchs

Exhibition at the Belvedere Palace Vienna 2008
Arik Brauer - Anton Lehmden - Ernst Fuchs

Newspaper Articles

The artist celebrates his birthday on January 4, shaping the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and Austropop in the 1970s.
As before, color-intensive oil paintings are created. Arik Brauer: "I can not help it. Painting is my life. "......... read more in the Kurier (in German)

As a fantastic realist often smiled at, as a political songwriter co-founder of Austropops - the artist has remained an uncomfortable to this day. A political conversation for a birthday ................. read more in The Standard
Note: I find it interesting that The Standard has put my video in this article!

Newspaper archive from the previous year

Monday, March 26, 2018 by Heinz Sichrovsky

His father was murdered by the Nazis, now Arik Brauer must again see hatred of Jews from several sides: Germanic as well as Islamist. As a witness he unleashes debates.
..... read more

VIDEOS (all videos are in German)

Die wunderbar realistische Welt des phantastischen Herrn Brauer

Incredible, the great universal artist, representative of the Viennese school of fantastic realism, songwriter, author, set designer and, and, and ... Arik Brauer is 90 years old!
Time for the Rabenhof to pay tribute to this Viennese suburban child, who has become a citizen of the world.
Who would be better suited than his daughter, the outstanding actress, singer and entertainer Ruth Brauer-Kvam.
A journey through time from the interwar period in Ottakring to Paris in the '68, from cycling trips to Africa to near-death experiences at Lake Neusiedl. Stories of love, nature and politics show the fantastic-realistic life of this exceptional artistic talent.
Premiere: 4 January 2019
with: Ruth Brauer-Kvam
Band: Carles Muñoz Camarero, Lukas Knöfler and Milos Todorovski
Book: Ruth Brauer-Kvam
Director: Thomas Gratzer
Musical direction: Kyrr. Kvam
Stage: Arik Brauer

Selected music video:

Arik Brauer - Köpferl in den Sand

Chronologically selected from my video archive:

Immigration is the problem - 11.03.2018

"Immigration is the problem": Arik Brauer is an artist and contemporary witness of National Socialism. He sees less in Nazi songbooks as an anti-Semitic danger, than in the immigration from the Arab world.

Five years ago:
Cultural Monday, November 10, 2014, ORF2 - Leopold Museum

Arik Brauer, Arik Brauer in Autumn, 2014 © private collection Arik Brauer

Brauer im Herbst is the title of the self-portrait painted especially for the exhibition. The Leopold Museum dedicates a retrospective exhibition to painters, authors and songwriters, stage designers and house designers, but above all to social critics and environmentalists. ....... read more

Ten years ago:
Arik Brauer at Wir sind Kaiser

Determined by the "lucky machine" to lead with his majesty an artistic discourse, the Austrian painter and founder of Fantastic Realism, Arik Brauer.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution - and maybe, if you are in Vienna, 
see if you can visit his art in his private museum ➧ Events 

Commemorating the 87th birthday of Ernst Fuchs in the Fuchs Villa - 2017
Photo by Peter Prehsl

Monday, December 31, 2018



this image was created digitally from my photo of the frozen Cameron Falls in the Waterton/Glazier International Peace Park (Canada-USA) and a detail (the fetus) from one of my paintings
Dieses Bild wurde digital aus meinem Foto der gefrorenen Cameron Falls im Waterton / Glazier International Peace Park (Kanada-USA) und einem Detail (dem Fötus) von einem meiner Bilder erstellt

Sunday, October 21, 2018

My painting THE VISITOR as illustration for the story "The Monster in the Bed"

I had forgotten about this: some time ago I gave permission to use my painting

"The Visitor"

as a illustration for a short story in the

 49f5289ab2da4c560db41cafb35aabb8-2-small-80.png  THE VISITOR - 28 x 24 inches - acrylic on masonite panel - 1994

I blogged about this painting previously - you find some detail shots in that blog:


"The Monster in the Bed"

BY SHREEVATSA NEVATIA in The Indian Quarterly - a Literary and Cultural Magazine 
Childhood can be a time of cosy confidences—or experiences so devastatingly adult a child can never share them. Shreevatsa Nevatia on the trauma of childish secrets
I was 13 when I discovered Chatropolis. Since internet connectivity was unreliable then, I began paying more attention to my dial-up modem. My anxiety would rise with the tempo of its beeps and whistles. But I couldn’t leave my room locked for long. The laundry would invariably need taking out, or my sister would again be curious about my whereabouts. I’d have an hour if I was lucky. The trouble with Chatropolis, however, was that it needed time. Its adult chat rooms were all categorised on the basis of fetishes or sexual preference. To get something going, you had to loiter, and I was always in a hurry.

Pretending to be a dapper doctor in ‘The Hospital’, I forgot my teenage plumpness. In the rooms of Chatropolis, no one asked about your everyday life. You were the pornographic cliché you wanted to be. For the first month, the conversations I had didn’t really go anywhere. I felt out of place in the ‘Nudist Colony’, and I could never muster the authority that other men seemed to have in ‘Office Seduction’. The sex ratio, I saw, was also skewed. For every five men, there was one woman here. Years later, I would tell myself that my decision to pick a female avatar was first influenced by statistics.
Source: The Indian Quarterly Volume 7 ~ Issue 1 ~ October-December 2018


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Jos Pirkner's monumental work

On Friday, October 19th while visiting Anni Fuchs at the Ernst Fuchs Museum I met the most fascinating artist, Jos Pirkner, whom Anni introduced me to. His monumental work just left me speechless! 


Jos Pirkner was born on 2 December 1927 in Sillian, East Tyrol. He attended the School of Applied Arts in Klagenfurt, graduated from the Master School of Applied Arts in Graz. He discovered his love for metalwork as a private student of Rudolf Reinhart in Salzburg.



Articles in German:
Der Letzte Bulle 

Red Bull-Zentrale mit Jos Pirkners Skulptur eröffnet

Fulminante Plastiken sind das Markenzeichen von Jos Pirkner. In jahrelanger Arbeit hat er die Red Bull-Zentrale mit Europas größter Bronzeskulptur geplant und geschaffen.

Excerpt from his Biography, translated from German:

The young artist followed an offer from the Brom brothers in 1951 and began working as an independent gold and silver sculptor for this world-famous studio in the Netherlands. Jos Pirkner was accepted by the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and attended as a guest auditor the Free Academy in Utrecht. This city was his second home for the next 25 years. Pirkner opened his own studio and married in 1966 Joke Baegen. Immediately after the birth of his son Gidi, he returned to East Tyrol in 1978. Prof. Jos Pirkner lives with his family in Tristach near Lienz. The work of Jos Pirkner unites imagination and energy. And another, rare quality of a sculptor: the sense of human sensitivity. In the midst of the destruction and poverty of the post-war years, my parents have financed me with an artistic education. Where bread is scarce, art has no value. Nevertheless, my parents advised me to go my own way, as did the Dutch painter Charles Eyk years later, whom I met in Amsterdam. These people have not shaped my work, but my personality as an artist. I owe to them the self-confidence, undeterred by commercial and intellectual fashions, simply to make my art.

I feel privileged to have met this great artist!

Order of the Pope for Jos Pirkner

More information found here (German):