Friday, April 12, 2013

Divining the Dream - Book

photo courtesy Iain Whittaker
The Dreams & Divinities book is now on sale at the Pompidou, Paris, as well as the Louvre and several other high profile locations! You can get yourself a copy of this beautiful international visionary art book via!store

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kunstmesse Art Austria - Leopold Museum, Vienna

Austrian Art Fair at the Leopold Museum in Vienna, from April 1tth to 14th, 2013
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check the on-line e-magazine (german)

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Voice Project by Bruce Rimell



For the past couple of years I’ve been working on something called ‘The Voice Project’ – this is an initiative to create a 13 panel, 40-foot long visionary mural expressing the imaginal, mythical and landscape visions of this Island of Britain that I live on. I’ve long felt that this is a land shimmering with ancient visions, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been able to feel the ancestral currents and anthropological experiences running through these hills and forests. And so, I wanted to create something beautiful and spectacular to honour this land, which is why I began ‘The Voice Project’.

Everything from the Spirit of the Land, megalithic monuments and ley lines, to crop circles, Welsh mythology and the magic words of William Blake will feature along with a cast of mythical Little People and archaeological memories from the most ancient eras. Excitingly, I also plan for ‘The Voice’ mural to be dual image, meaning that one set of images will show under daylight conditions, and another, completely different set of images will be visible under UV illumination.

Well, I’ve been walking the path of this quest already, sketching and working on mural plans for two years, and now I’m ready to start creating the final work. So I’ve created a Crowdfunding pitch on IndieGogo, illustrated with images, videos and text that illuminate the project and why I’m doing this.

I really hope that you will all be able to see the energy and effort in this Voice Project of mine, to imagine the visionary delight that I am on a quest to complete, and help me communicate that to a world so deeply in need of vision and land-honoring. I attach a couple of small images and PDF for those who want to see more. You can also see a mountain of work – sketches and panel plans – that I have been creating for this mural here at

additional information (embedded pdf) can be found on this page in the Visionary Art Gallery.

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art

academy logo


The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art will open its doors in September of 2013.
Located in the historic Palais Palffy in the heart of Vienna – home of Ernst Fuchs’ Studio, The Phantasten Museum, and the Galerie Palffy, the Academy is founded by The Visionary Guild together with Professor Ernst Fuchs.
The Visionary Guild is a circle of ten artists - five men and five women - who have assisted Professor Fuchs in the past. From London, Paris and Vienna to Melbourne Australia and the West Coast of America, these ten artists transmit their love of craft while sharing insights into the artist’s vocation.
Their names are already well-known in the Visionary Art world:
Kuba AmbroseLaurence CaruanaA. Andrew GonzalezDavid HeskinMaura HoldenDaniel Mirante
Amanda Sage
Timea Tallian
Emma WatkinsonAloria Weaver

Collectively and individually, they have taught hundreds of students, from all quarters of the globe, particularly through The Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar in Italy.
At the core of the Academy's curriculum is our 2 year and 3 year Diploma Programme with courses in historical painting techniques, old masters studies and life drawing, as well as visionary seeing and the exploration of myths, symbols and styles from East to West. Shorter stays are also possible – from the three month Single Trimester Programme to the two week Intensives.
It is a private international teaching institution with English as the primary language of instruction.
At the heart of the programme is the individual artist’s quest for beauty, spirit and vision. The curriculum, developed by the Faculty as a whole, encourages both technical mastery and the creative expression of genius.
For more information, please visit the academy’s web portal at:

Palais Palffy
The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
Palais Palffy
Josefsplatz 6
1010 Vienna - Austria
Contact: Florence Ménard -

Phantasten Museum

Sept 16th - Dec 6th 2013 FALL TRIMESTER - The Drawing Stage - Subject Matter & Composition

Jan 6th - Mar 21st 2014 WINTER TRIMESTER - The Monochrome Underpainting & First Glazes
April 7th - June 13th 2014 SPRING TRIMESTER - The Completed Colour Painting for Exhibition & Promotion

2 Week Intensives
Oct 14th - 25th 2013 "In Quest of the Inner Image"
David Heskin & Aloria Weaver with Kuba Ambrose & Vera Aichinger

Feb 3rd - 14th 2014 "Modelage"
Maura Holden with Timea Tallian

May 26th - June 6th 2014 "Free Your Expression"
Amanda Sage
And...The Expanded Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminaris now the summer programme of the Academy!
From July 6th until 28th, join us at Torri Superiore in Italy for the 6th seminar withLaurence Caruana, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Amanda Sage & Maura Holden.
Seminar website
More information: write to