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IIAAProject on deviantART

IIAA: International Imaginative Artists Association

Stefan Kindermann - Dead Fish Me - digital artwork

This will serves as the official DeviantArt Site for our proposed "International Imaginative Art Exhibit 2009(open for date change)"

Historical Overview:
The International Imaginative Art Exhibit is a collaborative project of several international artists who collectively shared the common ideals for a new "declaration" of the word "Art" via a revolutionary Art Exhibition showcasing the current state of post post modern art...It began here in deviantArt after a monthlong proposal and exchanges of ideas between Gromyko Padilla Semper,Administrator of *the-surreal-arts, and recognized visionary-surreal-expressionist artist, writer, philosopher from the Philippines, and Hector Pineda, Co Admin of the surreal arts club, digital manipulator, art patron, and an avid supporter of the surreal/fantastic/visionary art genre.
They began considering the options for making this vision a reality after being convinced that this might be the next revolution in the art world.
They are joined by JohPaul Thornton, an acclaimed American artist, famed for his excellent works depicting "Missing Children". John Paul offered the duo his valued advices that molded the proposal into a solid idea based on simplicity.
Other artists who are of great help to the development of this project are Reinhard Schmidt, a visionary painter, co-contemporary of the like of Lukas Kandl, Brigid Marlin,etc, who shared his professional advices that benefited the conceptuals of this project.
Worth noting also are Joe Mc Gown, a neogothic surrealist, who gave his realistic outviews, Stefan Kinderman, who suggested a lot of conventional and revolutionary approaches to the planning of this show,Ben Tolman, who supported the ideals and showed support, shared his passion towards a positive hope that this project should become a reality, and recently Amanda Sage, famed fantastic-visionary artist in the tradition of Ernst Fuchs, who related strong commentaries that is of great help to the amendments of this proposal.
This project involved artists from around the world who are determined to make it a reality.
Without them this vision will remain submereged in the deep subconscious.
The IIAAPROJECT Team expresses their gratitude to those that continnually supported us, Together We Will Make This Dream A Reality!!!


“To redefine the notion of art towards a higher aim, that is to show the different levels of reality (the physical(concrete, objective,natural, sensibilia), mental(subjective, fantastic, surreal, psychological, intelligibilia), spiritual (transcendental, visionary, mystical, transcendelia) “beyond” post decadent modern art, and to re-unite autonomous artists into one collective, one artistic culture that challenge tradition and move towards the future.”


We stand for
1.) The Individual and Universal right to express
2.) The right of the artist to be involved and recognized in the global scene respective of the subject/object of their art contra-imperialist, capitalist politics.
3.) The never-ending quest of humanity towards a meaningful world, the untainted, unfettered, utopia where art is a prime mover for change towards a brighter future.
4.) The universal artistic fraternity, a brotherhood and sisterhood of artists united into one common goal.


By definition: Of the word periscope (periskopein, to observe around): n. A periscope is an apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms, by which an observer (typically in a submerged submarine or behind a high obstacle) can see things that are otherwise out of sight.
To see things that is otherwise out of site. that is the point over which why the term delineates our common aims...the term surrealism is already a defunct and decadent movement, though as inheritors of this glorious movement we are not "surrealists" in context because we cannot create the same surreal image that the original group conceived...We are not surrealists, abstract expressionists, nor visionary artists but we look upon these past movements as our starting point towards a more higher aim, to look and see things(in our physical, mental, and spiritual selves) that are out of sight(knowledge, knowingness, revelation in relation to the current culture)...A periscope can see from below and beyond...yet it always brings out the best view unreachable by the unaided eye, as periscopic artists it is out duty to be the periscopes of post decadent modern art...we are no longer confined, we will reinterpret the meaning of art in a periscopic way!! A new revolution...A new definition, which is the very purpose of the Exhibit."

Artist Organizing Committee:
Gromyko Padilla Semper, Philippines
Hector Pineda, Mexico
John Paul Thornton, U.S.A.
Rheinard Schmidt, Germany
Joe Mc Gown, U.S.A.
Amanda Sage, Austria
Stefan Kindermann, Germany
:icongromyko: :iconelyphas: :iconjohnpaulthornton: :iconanubis46: :iconneogothic-jam: :iconasage: :iconstephanusembricanus:

List of Participants (Active):

Sandor Badacsonyi, Hungary
Piotr Zygmunt, Poland
Basia Wiewiorska, Poland
Wade Furlong, U.S.A.
Tassos Kouris, Greece
Danny Malbeouf, U.S.A.
Mathias Staber, Austria
Janelle McKain, U.S.A.
Otto Rapp, Canada
Ben Tolman, U.S.A.
Sheela Singla, U.S.A.
Andrzej Masiani, Poland
Ton Harring, The Netherlands
Nicholas Ivanenko, France
Nome Edonna, Iraq
Aleksander Rymarowicz, Poland
Germaine St-Onge, Canada
Alejandro Santafe, Spain
Leopoldo Garcia, Spain
:iconsandorbadacsonyi: :iconpeterzigga: :iconpellucidmind: :iconwadefurlong: :iconanubis: :iconkolaboy: :iconmathismondhut: :iconjanellemckain: :iconartofthemystic: :iconbentolman: :iconss25: :iconmasiani: :iconnaikoivanenko: :icondivee: :iconnomeedonna: :iconolorym: :iconger696: :iconhermocrates: :iconpolotron:
Others(to be followed up)
In Association With The Surreal Arts Club and the Visionary Artists
:iconthe-surreal-arts: and :iconvisionaryartists:

IIAAProject on deviantART

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