Monday, April 4, 2016

Fashion Designs by Otto Rapp

I had recently opened another exiting POD fashion store in addition to my (previously announced) label at VIDA. By partnering with MyWear® I was able to expand the variety of items which bear my unique designs. This complements also the many products I designed on Zazzle, as well as my artwork prints (and related products) on Pixels.

You are a unique individual, and so should be your fashions and accessories! 

Mass-produced items that everyone wears and owns are not for you.

Zulu Tunic

Decalcomaniac Colorfield Tunic

Stand out from the crowd, assert your individuality with fashions designed with you in mind.

 Whether it is clothing, shoes or a cellphone cover, the item you own may well be the only one in your city. 

No one else is likely to own the exact same!

 ◄  Pictured here are examples of tunics I designed for MyWear - based on details of my artwork. ► 

At my MyWear® shop, you will find a growing collection of great fashion items I designed just for you! Many more over-all printed tunics, dresses, tops and tee-shirts, but also a variety of bags, all with my individual designs based on my artwork, especially adapted for your specific garment or fashion item. 

MyWear Designs by Austrian Artist Otto Rapp

Not just dresses and t-shirts, there are also a variety of bags available. I am particularly proud of my messenger bag designs, pictured below:

Zulu Messenger Bag
Fomorii Incubator Messenger Bag 

Please Note: MyWear® is currently only shipping to: 

A variety sampling of some of my unique designs from all my On-Line Stores is found on my Pinterest Board: 

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Otto Rapp said...

I had questions regarding shipping when I posted this on Facebook. Here is the answer I gave to a question from someone within the EU:
unfortunately - this is not under my control: they (MyWear) started last year. It likely has to do with setting up sales tax with the billing, and so far, only the countries listed can be shipped to. I am in the same boat: no shipping to Austria either (closest for either you and me would be Germany, so if you have a friend there ... once in the EU, there are no customs and tax hurdles to go through to forward a shipment, though it would cost extra in shipping charges your friend incurs).
But my other stores I listed (links are on the blog page near the bottom) all ship world-wide.