Friday, January 30, 2009

Visionary Art Network - Press Release

Artist Otto Rapp just recently started a Private (by Invitation only) Network on the Ning Platform.Initially he invited a few close friends to participate in order to test out the features. A selection of those works can be viewed on his website in a full 800 pixel embedded slide show. To view the show, please click on the featured painting Parthenogenesis by Tassos Kouris:

Visionary Art Network
Miguel Tio - Jon Beinart - Martin-Georg Oscity - Vladimir & Daniela Ovtcharov - Pavel Surma - Christian Flora - Bernard Dumaine - Janelle McKain - Amanda Sage - Piotr Zygmunt - Sonja Tines - Otto Rapp - Agim Meta - Santiago Ribeiro - Dean Fleming - Peter Hutter - Jay Paul von Koffler - Pedro Prata - Shala Rosa - Joe A. MacGown - Ben Tolman - Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Barbara Wiewiórska - Tassos Kouris - Oleg Korolev - Steve Smith - Zoltan Ducsai - Chris Edler - Brajanne - Raul Casillas - Adam Pinson - Aleksander Rymarowicz - Janne Kearney - Gerald Butalewicz - Jeff Stewart - Paula Rosa - Danny Malboeuf - Andrzej Masianis - IT Hammar - Gautam Nair - Frank Nitkiewicz - R.L.Frisby - Felix Klee - Gromyko Padilla Semper - Laurie Lipton - Joseph Larkin - Ton Haring - Franz Landl - Pedro De Kastro - Manfred Marburger - Silvia Pecha - Dennis Konstantin Gerigk - Leo Plaw - Herman Smorenburg - Erik Heyninck - Edward Walton Wilcox - Gil Perry - Tim Zart - Ludgero Paulo Rôlo - Nad Wolinska - Peter Sibrin - Breck Outland
We are now ready to proceed to the next stage.If you are a established Visionary/Surrealist/Fantastic Realist Artist working predominantly in traditional media and are interested in joining, contact Otto Rapp by e-mail at to receive a official Membership invitation.

Already joined? Click here to SIGN IN

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