Saturday, April 18, 2009

Select Drawings from the Visionary Art Network

A few months ago, I started a Private Network of Visionary Artists on the Ning Platform with a handful of friends. Since then, the Membership has steadily grown and includes some of the very best Visionary Artists in the Universe. Many of these artists had been friends for decades, others are new to the fold. Below is a selection of drawings from the hundreds of works submitted so far.

Members of Visionary Art sign in here


List of exhibiting Members from the Visionary Art Network:

Miguel Tio - Jon Beinart - Martin-Georg Oscity - Vladimir & Daniela Ovtcharov - Pavel Surma - Christian Flora - Bernard Dumaine - Janelle McKain - Amanda Sage - Piotr Zygmunt - Sonja Tines - Otto Rapp - Agim Meta - Santiago Ribeiro - Dean Fleming - Peter Hutter - Jay Paul von Koffler - Pedro Prata - Shala Rosa - Joe A. MacGown - Ben Tolman - Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Barbara Wiewiórska - Tassos Kouris - Oleg Korolev - Steve Smith - Zoltan Ducsai - Chris Edler - Brajanne - Raul Casillas - Adam Pinson - Aleksander Rymarowicz - Janne Kearney - Gerald Butalewicz - Jeff Stewart - Paula Rosa - Danny Malboeuf - Andrzej Masianis - IT Hammar - Gautam Nair - Frank Nitkiewicz - R.L.Frisby - Felix Klee - Gromyko Padilla Semper - Laurie Lipton - Joseph Larkin - Ton Haring - Franz Landl - Pedro De Kastro - Manfred Marburger - Silvia Pecha - Dennis Konstantin Gerigk - Leo Plaw - Herman Smorenburg - Erik Heyninck - Edward Walton Wilcox - Gil Perry - Tim Zart - Ludgero Paulo Rôlo - Nad Wolinska - Peter Sibrin - Breck Outland


Aleksandra said...

Hi Otto,I injoy very,very much your blog site,your art is something special,info related to art is great and I hope one day I can say proudly presenting my work that you where some kind of teacher to me.
By the way,link of Gil Perry is not working,or thats the idea of it?
Thanks for inspiration,have a great week-end,Sandra

The Mystic said...

Aleksandra: Gil Perry does not have a website (yet) - though an established artist, he is new to the Internet. As soon as I find out otherwise, I'll update and add a link.