Monday, September 7, 2009

Dominic Rouse In Concert with Meng Yan

Where eccentricity meets controversy

'The Human Soul' is a joint exhibition by the Chinese painter Meng Yan and the English photographer Dominic Rouse.

It runs from September 2nd-30th at the Gossip Gallery located in Silom Galleria on Silom Road in Bangkok.


"Gossip Gallery @ Silom Galleria is hosting ‘The Human Soul’, an exhibition of contemporary art by two of the most notable and controversial artists of the 21st Century: Meng Yan and Dominic Rouse. One is an eccentric painter from Shanghai, the other a controversial photographer from England. Although these two artists come from very different backgrounds and employ different techniques to create their masterpieces, they both possess the need to illustrate ‘The Human Soul’."

Dominic Rouse In Concert with Meng Yan

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