Sunday, April 18, 2010

ASYLUM - New Sculptures by Tim Roosen + EDGE OF LOVE Group Show at Strychnin Gallery, Berlin

Strychnin Gallery presents in cooperation with C.O.P. magazine:


Featured in The Vault this month is sculptural artist Tim Roosen from Belgium. After building the largest artistic scale model of our solar system in the world, Tim Roosen returns to what he likes doing most: figurative art. His latest sculptures are all part of a little universe that he named “the Asylum.” The Asylum is a place for different creatures that have either escaped from the human world or are being hunted down and seek refuge in it. Every creature has his or her own story to tell. In November 2009, Roosen started a collaboration with German photographer Ansger Noeth, who took pictures of Roosen’s creatures. Directly printed on glass, Noeth’s signature technique, these photographs help bring the sculptures to life.

Edge of Love

An exciting new group show curated by Andy Howell (LA Artsprojekt) and Yasha Young. Featuring international street art artists such as Kid Zoom, Beastman, motel 7, Phibs, Yok, Rose Hardy, Amy Matthews, Monique Ligons, Bridge, Mimi S., Christian Rothenhagen, Amandalynn, Andy Howell, Chris Parks, Ginger Che, Jeremy Forson, Jeremyville, Jesse Reno, Luca Ionescu, SIT, Ma Liang, Brannon, Madi Ju.. Also featuring sculptures by Tim Roosen in the Vault.

Opens April 9th at 7 pm.

Andy Howell is a professional skateboarder and artist from California (USA). He is the founder of Artsprojekt, a curated platform that enables emerging and established artists to connect, collaborate and expand original art, designs and ideas with fans and consumers. It’s a playground in which the world's most creative individuals and brands can turn unique ideas into dynamic product experiences that best represent each individual artist and brand. Among other famous artists, Andy Howell represents Shepard Fairy, Clive Barker, and David D’Andrea. In cooperation with Strychnin Gallery owner Yasha Young, this alliance is set to be a spectacular one!

Originally from Perth Australia, KiD Zoom has become the one to watch in the Australian street art scene. He recently collaborated with Ron English at Worlds End studio in Sydney, producing a limited edition print series. Taking advertisement posters from local bus-stop shelters using an improvised key, Ron and Zoom re-worked these posters to create alternative versions of current ad campaigns.

“deerBerlin” – that is how Christian Rotenhagen addresses his native city Berlin. Living there for more than three decades now he has a lot to tell- via graphic-design, illustration, fine art and art installations. His works confront his urban surroundings, the decay, conurbation and agglomeration. The style in which he presents his art is a crossover of design and art in that way he lets his viewers enter in the street life of Berlin.

Edge of Love. An international group show curated by Andy Howell and Yasha Young.

Asylum: Tim Roosen in the Vault with photographs by Ansgar Noeth.

Opens April 9th at 7 pm. Runs until May 9th.

Opening times: Thursday- Sunday 12 noon - 6 pm

Strychnin Gallery Contact: Miriam Bischoff

Boxhagenerstr. 36 10245 Berlin phone: 0170 - 4161108

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