Thursday, November 18, 2010


The Congregation Gallery Presents
+ Z + O + D + I + A + C +
Saturday November 20
Doors Open At 9:00pm
The Congregation Gallery | 7569 Melrose, Los Angeles CA 90046
The word Zodiac literally means animals. It refers to the patterns and configurations of creatures as seen in the stars at night. Astrology has been used by virtually every civilization for thousands of years, and has deep roots in ancient times when less scientific methods were employed and superstition ran rampant. In many cultures, the key to who we are and what are we here for can be unlocked in the stars. Our understanding of Astrology strives toward a synthesis between science, personal experience, and religion. The most important thing about any understanding of Astrology is that it shows the connections of peoples with a clarity and irrefutability as are hardly to be exposed anywhere else. Perhaps in it alone have East and West, Christians, Muslims, Hindi and Buddhists understood one another without difficulty. There will be a limited edition book from the show.
On November 20th, please observe + Z + O + D + I + A + C + Art Show with us at the Congregation Gallery.
Featuring the artwork from
Erick DeLa Vega
Dan Harding
Cam Rackam
Clint Carney
The Skullmaster
Steve Rodgers
Bruce D. Mitchell
Tony Cupstid
Corey Urlacher
Dean Fleming
Karl Perssons
Craig Edmunds
Melyssa Anishnabie
The Creep
James M. DisSpain
Mikey Reeves
John Charles
Cliff Wallace
Kelly Vetter
Brian Tichelaar
Samson Martinez
Cameron Miller
Brian Poor
Paul Carrick
Derek Harrison

Congregation Gallery
7569 Melrose
Hollywood, California 90046

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