Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VISIONARY ART YEARBOOK - $ 10 off until December 31st!

2010 - 2011

available Softcover, Hardcover Dustjacket or Hardcover ImageWrap
160 pages, Premium Paper, lustre finish

$ 10 off on the Yearbook between now and December 31st!

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In January 2009, Otto Rapp started a Private Network of Visionary Artists on the Ning Platform with a handful of friends. Since then, the Membership has steadily grown and includes some of the very best Visionary Artists in the Universe.
Many of these artists had been friends for decades, others are new to the fold.
Published on
blurb, this Yearbook is a celebration of the cooperative spirit of these Artists and their accomplishments.
 Over 400 pictures and illustrations, with essays by
De Es Schwertberger, Sigrid Nepelius, Prof. Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Helena Nelson-Reed and Delvin Solkinson, as well as numerous memorable quotes by our members.
 A special section of 3 blank pages at the end of the book was designed to collect signatures: bring the book to the next exhibition of our artists to have it signed.




It could be said that the genealogy and history of the Visionary Tribe stretches back to the caves of Lascaux, but has never been addressed by art historians from the mainstream or academia. In any event, the spawning of these transpersonal artists has been mysterious, suggesting a positive spiritual conspiracy of sub-cultural light being disseminated and orchestrated from some higher order of reality. Over the decades I have witnessed the return of many of these creative workers; returning home like wayward spirits to the roots of their aesthetic, returning home to their Tribe. They arrive with a creative power to face both the inner and outer worlds, the joy and terror, in order to see. They are not satisfied to conform to the world for they want to penetrate its mysteries. They want to use their art and skills to immerse and unveil the spirit in all things and express and create their findings like cartographers of consciousness.

 They come like sleepwalkers following their original vision and that vision awakens and stirs the spirit. Long centuries have trodden on the graves of ancient adepts, almost entirely obliterating all sense of spiritual ecstasy from the hearts of humankind, and have taken the lightning from our eyes. This is what the Visionary Tribe provides: a restoration and recall from spiritual amnesia of what we attained long ago, what we are now and to what we might yet become; they restore lightning to the eyes. They realize that a vision without a task is but a dream, a task without a vision is drudgery, and that a vision and a task is the hope of the world.
Philip Rubinov-Jacobson
Interior detail Nymphaeum Omega Sanctuum at the Ernst Fuchs Villa in Vienna - Photo by Otto Rapp

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