Friday, February 25, 2011

Saatchi Showdown - Graszka Paulska and Leo Wijnhoven

Update March 3rd
after advancing into the next Round of 16, unfortunately my friends didn't get any further, each losing out by a very slim margin of just a handful of votes.

Showdown Update February 27th
Both Visionary Tribe Members
Graszka Paulska and Leo Wijnhoven
are in the next Round 0f 32 Contestants!
Time left to vote (at time of this post):  
1 day and 18 hrs

Leo Wijnhoven, Painting, Oil

Both Artists won their respective one-on-one showdowns in the Round of 64, and advanced!

This is the Showdown Round of 32 - it goes for 2 days - the countdown clock is on the Saatchi Home page, right side panel.

Both Artists are members of the private Visionary Art Network - their pages can be viewed at the public VISIONARY ART GALLERY


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