Saturday, July 20, 2013

Visionary Art Exhibition - Featured Artwork

New website to showcase Visionary Artists

A sneak preview of our plan: 
We plan to hold on-line exhibitions of select artists from our Visionary Art Gallery, the duration will be for an entire season (i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). We plan on showing a curated selection of six artists at a time, and also plan to publish a catalog  that will be available for purchase on-line.
Additionally, we would  run simultaneous exhibitions of certain themes proposed by our artists. The duration of these would be variable. 
Past exhibition pages will be moved to our Archives and still available after.
We would also link to select exhibition web sites of Associated Organisations that we  closely co-operate with.
Exceptional works of art by our members will be shown under Featured Artwork 

There is already a great selection of exceptional work on this site - the latest entry is:

Madonna of the Crows by Italia Ruotolo

Check out the rest of our

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