Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Glitches in my Blogger Archives

This is to notify people who searched my archives here on Blogger, as well as those who had found articles through a Google search:
I had at one time taken advantage of a feature on the Posterous platform which let me post to my blog by e-mail and then the blog was set-up to auto-post to my Blogger, duplicating my Posterous blog. I found this a very convenient way to spread the news, since auto-posting also included posts to Twitter and Wordpress.

This is old news to most: Posterous was bought out by Twitter and after a short while unceremoniously discontinued.

What happened to the auto-posts elsewhere? The text is there, but images were just linked to the Posterous image files, thus any posts of mine that originated on Posterous have now blank spaces where the image is supposed to be.
To fix this would be nearly impossible, not to mention extremely time consuming.

Thanks for nothing, Twitter - ditching Posterous, you could at least have left the image files on the server. If you go to any of those posterous links, this is what you get:

In this case, taking advantage of a shortcut has proven the wrong thing to do!

Just so this posting doesn't appear too boring, here is a random picture I took years ago in 
Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada 
It says:

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