Saturday, April 25, 2015

Artists Resale Right

European Visual Artists: DROIT DE SUITE
The resale right or droit de suite is the most important copyright for authors of fine art. Unlike writers and composers who have a regular income from royalties which are due whenever their works are performed or published, artists depend primarily on the selling of original works and, therefore, --without the resale right-- they would be excluded to benefit from subsequent increase in value of their works. Artists and their associations together with the collecting societies for visual artists have been lobbying for decades to achieve the harmonisation of the resale right within Europe which also lead to the introduction of the right in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Austria as from 1 January 2006 and its full introduction since January 2012.
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Auction Houses:

Christie's: DROIT DE SUITE 

Note about the stated details at Christie's and Southebys: this is, in view of the article from Art@Law  rather controversial and could well be subject to change, as far as buyers are concerned, once the European Court of Justice deals with the case. It seems to me the intent of the law is for the Seller to pay, not the Buyer!

In Canada - this is still being fought for:

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