Friday, December 9, 2016


The Visionary Art Network Artists of the Month, from when this feature was first introduced when the public website opened in August 2009 to presently December 2016. The private network was started on the Ning platform in January 2009 by Otto Rapp with a handful of friends. As the network grew, we eventually mirrored the best content from our network in the public Visionary Art Gallery (VAG): VISIONARY ART GALLERY Represented are Surrealist, Visionary and Fantastic Realist artists from around the globe. Associated with the VAG is the spin-off Visionary Art Exhibition (VAE) site: VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION - there you find guest blogs and special selections of artworks from our network. The section of Featured Artwork is regularly updated: FEATURED ARTWORK Visit the VAG page for Artist of the Month ► Slide Show here: ARTISTS OF THE MONTH SLIDE SHOW - the images link to the respective artists pages. Soundtracks by JASON SHAW under a creative commons attribution license all images are © by the artists video produced by Otto Rapp ART OF THE MYSTIC OTTO RAPP

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