Sunday, February 10, 2019

Google Chrome flagged all my Weebly sites!

Earlier today, when I tried to access Weebly, Google Chrome flagged any and all links to Weebly:

I accessed Weebly from other browsers, and no problem, example IE:

 would you have an explanation for this?

Considering that even your home page got the same treatment, I assume it must have happened to all your clients!
I checked right away with my Norton Security, and this were the results:

I remember years ago that Facebook once blocked all weebly sites. Is this just another similar attack?

The images were taken today, forenoon at my location Central Europe time.
Now that I checked again in the Afternoon, it was not happening anymore.
For purposes of information, here are (some of) my top websites hosted on Weebly:


It all returned to normal by Afternoon, CEST. Very strange. Weebly did answer me right away.


Jay N Today at 16:32
Sorry you're seeing this problem! It sounds like Chrome is blocking access to certain Weebly sites.

Rest assured this is just a false positive and your site is secure. We're working to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you!
Customer Success Advocate CS Developer Support

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