Sunday, May 18, 2008

Belvedere - Fantastic Realism Retrospective

Belvedere Palace Vienna, Austria

Lower Belvedere

20 May to 21 September 2008

Forty years after the international breakthrough of fantastic realism, the Belvedere is showing a focused retrospective of one of the most successful export brands of Austrian art. It presents major works by six great masters - Arik Brauer, Ernst Fuchs, Rudolf Hausner, Wolfgang Hutter, Helmut Leherb and Anton Lehmden - for the first time including the early history and context of this special movement of late modern art. It is characteristic for fantastical motifs from mythology or the world of dreams, with orientation on mannerism.


This exhibition comes at an opportune time: I will be in Vienna to see it. It will greatly aid in gaining further insights for my essay The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism


Link to the Belvedere web site:

belvedere - Fantastic Realism

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Majase Cyc said...

Hey Otto!

I just wanted to catch up and say thanks for your comments about my Blog back in October of last year.

I've been away since before that time traveling, and have only now returned to cyber space. Great to see you still creative as ever. By the way, I LOVE the self portrait with the rams horns; excellent!

Take care and enjoy your vacation.

Majase Cyc