Saturday, December 13, 2008

Germaine Greer on Hirst critic Robert Hughes | Art and design | The Guardian

Note to Robert Hughes: Bob, dear, Damien Hirst is just one of many artists you don't get!

Hirst has his defenders. Germaine Greer thinks Hughes (and the rest of us poor and unwashed masses) simply "don't get it". My question to Greer would be: "What is there not to get?" Nothing he does is really very clever (other than his uncanny ability to bilk nouveau rich people and con curators) - I believe the 'work' is simplistic to the point of childish exhibitionism, and perhaps that is the appeal for Greer and the moneyed Lemmings, much like the stockmarket investors getting fleeced by BRE-X Fools Gold (the then corporate Headquarters Sign in Calgary looked as if designed by bling-artist Hirst).
Post-Modernism is gasping it's last breath, with Guillermo Vargas Habacuc and Piero Manzoni as 'fine' examples of it's decline. Hello Tate Gallery: How about a group show with Hirst?
Greer lectures us from a podium of superiority, the "illuminati literati", which is laughable and sad at the same time.
The Guardian also ran a poll, titled: An artistic licence to print money? And guess what: 87.7% thought Hirst was a Huckster.
But Greer and her ilk know better, of course.
I wonder if former BRE-X VP John Felderhof owns a Hirst - naw, he is to smart for that. But what is conceivable is that they could probably be neighbors in the Cayman Islands (as long as Hirst and his rotting fish are located downwind, I guess).

Germaine Greer on Hirst critic Robert Hughes Art and design The Guardian


C. L. DeMedeiros said...

do we need to get it everything?
can we just enjoy the ride of somebody out of they mind in this wonderful creative process?
Please tell me I'm not wrong.

Mind is a mysterious place
some mind are more mysterious and fascinating then other


Surreal Minds Rules

Leo P said...
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Leo P said...

Actually, Germaine Greer does have a point, and one I made in my previous post on Hirst.

Hirst’s artform is selling, nothing more. Its hard to glean whether Greer approves or disapproves, she seems more intent on lampooning Hughes.

So as for starving dogs and cans of shit, that’s all they ever will be. They are like a heavy hangover from a binge and will be wondered at what ever inspired it all, swearing never again.

It is rather entertaining to think that 87.7% of people think Hirst is a charlatan.