Saturday, December 13, 2008

Manmade Monster - The art of Roman Signer - OR IS IT?

Manmade Monster - The art of Roman Signer

Interesting images - they tickle my surreal sentiments!

Here is another one:


And here is the background story: No less surreal than the 'REAL' Roman Signer:


Dear mr. Rapp,
Firstly I'd like to thank you for the kind reaction you left on my website (
Perhaps this website needs a little explanation.Okay, where to begin.I am a student Communication & Multimedia Design at Zuyd University in Maastricht, the Netherlands.For a school module called "The Narrative" I was required to make an interactive walk in the city of Maastricht, which had to begin at the Bonnefanten Museum.
I've always had a passion for art, and especially surreal art, among several other art styles, so this led me to a specific concept and context for my project.My concept for this interactive walk was that the user, the person walking the tour with headphones on, was drawn into a surreal world, which played entirely inside the Bonnefanten Museum.This surreal world was created by a surreal artist, who wanted to create the ultimate surreal art piece wherein his subconscious mind played the most important role.In order to do this the artist drugged himself, let himself get hypnotised, erased his memory and planted a few mind suggestions into his brain, after which he was dropped off at the Bonnefanten Museum to awake there.This is when the story begin.It turns out in the end that the user of the interactive tour is the artist himself and regains his memories and identiy. This is both the end of the audio tour, as well as the resolution and completion of the work of art.
Anyway, to make a long story short. The website itself is not the real website of Roman Signer, it is merely a hoax to stimulate people to walk the tour and give a feeling of authenticity.This audio tour is not a real audio tour which can be taken in the Bonnefanten museum, it is merely an assignment I made for school.I've added some work of accomplished surreal artists on the site to further stimulate the feeling of authenticity, among which is work of yours.If you wish it to be removed, I will honour your request immediately.I am also very touched by your positive comment.
I've included both the spoken script aswell as the general concept in case you would like some indepth information on the project.
If you wish to contact me you can do so on this email address. You can also see a little more about me on although I must say this is a work in progress (this site has only been up for 1 week now)
Kind regards,
Vincent Olislagers


And here is a link to a relevant Jon Beinart blog about one of the above images:

The above picture of the 'Manmade Monster' actually comes from the album of the photographer Philip Toledano:

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The guy covered in dolls would tickle Jon Beinart's fancy with his Toddlerpedes creations.