Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Museum of Fantastic Art - Vienna


Museum of Fantastic Art - Vienna
 Österreichisches Kulturzentrum, Palais Palffy

Österreichisches Kulturzentrum, Palais Palffy
Museum of Fantastic Art - Vienna

Fantastic Art Museum Opens in Vienna
article from Fantastic Visions

After intensive planning since the Autumn 2010 the Fantastic Art Museum (PhantastenMuseum) in Vienna opened as planned on January 15th 2011. For many weeks the team from the Österreichischen Kulturzentrum (Austrian Cultural Center) in the Palais Palffy and Gerhard Habarta had their hands full building for visitors to the museum, an interesting and informative journey through the history of Fantastic Art and to further the cause for the future.  It may be an exaggeration to say that they have more than succeeded. The wonderful ambience and bright, modern exhibition rooms round off the overall impression of perfection and make a visit to the museum a memorable experience for art lovers...............read more 

photo courtesy Reinhard Schmid
more on this page at the Visionary Art Gallery


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