Monday, January 29, 2018


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​I had often said that in my days at the University of Lethbridge, I rarely took notes. I did not see any use of it at that time, since based on the course outlines, I studied the subject in advance, and came to class already prepared to add my own 2 cents worth in comments - even prepared to argue.........

But just for looks, I did have my notepad open. I may have written down a few things, but for the most part, I was doodling. Checking through a pile of old papers, I found this - probably from a English or a Mythology class I took, around 1980 or so (we had some advanced classes where several departments were involved - they were called 'Colloquial Studies').

This is the only notepad page that I kept, mixed in with a pile of old photos and stuff.
In case you are wondering about the writing on top: it's my own version of shorthand.
​I have not used it in decades, and frankly, I cannot even read it myself anymore!
​You may think (as many of my fellow students did) that I am just a goof - but the end results were that I graduated with a GPA of 3.96 out of 4.0, second highest in my class of 82.
I initially posted the note pad images on Steemit

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