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Jos Pirkner's monumental work

On Friday, October 19th while visiting Anni Fuchs at the Ernst Fuchs Museum I met the most fascinating artist, Jos Pirkner, whom Anni introduced me to. His monumental work just left me speechless! 


Jos Pirkner was born on 2 December 1927 in Sillian, East Tyrol. He attended the School of Applied Arts in Klagenfurt, graduated from the Master School of Applied Arts in Graz. He discovered his love for metalwork as a private student of Rudolf Reinhart in Salzburg.



Articles in German:
Der Letzte Bulle 

Red Bull-Zentrale mit Jos Pirkners Skulptur eröffnet

Fulminante Plastiken sind das Markenzeichen von Jos Pirkner. In jahrelanger Arbeit hat er die Red Bull-Zentrale mit Europas größter Bronzeskulptur geplant und geschaffen.

Excerpt from his Biography, translated from German:

The young artist followed an offer from the Brom brothers in 1951 and began working as an independent gold and silver sculptor for this world-famous studio in the Netherlands. Jos Pirkner was accepted by the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and attended as a guest auditor the Free Academy in Utrecht. This city was his second home for the next 25 years. Pirkner opened his own studio and married in 1966 Joke Baegen. Immediately after the birth of his son Gidi, he returned to East Tyrol in 1978. Prof. Jos Pirkner lives with his family in Tristach near Lienz. The work of Jos Pirkner unites imagination and energy. And another, rare quality of a sculptor: the sense of human sensitivity. In the midst of the destruction and poverty of the post-war years, my parents have financed me with an artistic education. Where bread is scarce, art has no value. Nevertheless, my parents advised me to go my own way, as did the Dutch painter Charles Eyk years later, whom I met in Amsterdam. These people have not shaped my work, but my personality as an artist. I owe to them the self-confidence, undeterred by commercial and intellectual fashions, simply to make my art.

I feel privileged to have met this great artist!

Order of the Pope for Jos Pirkner

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