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de es news: a new wave of visionary art

a new wave of visionary art

Reflections on the occasion of the group show


1). Background

It has been over 50 years since Galerie 10 began representing the VIENNESE SCHOOL OF PHANTASTIC REALISM. Now, half a century later new movements have formed all over the world. In the Galerie 10, era’s and worlds collide in a kaleidoscope of imagery, opening portals to the “new waves”.

In 2008 an exhibition of this movement was presented in the BELVEDERE MUSEUM IN VIENNA, which focused extensively on its historical background, but forgot to give credit to the immense worldwide inspirational impact it had, and still has on the following generations. Phantastic Realism is not dead, rather it has taken on many new layers of actuality, one of them known now as International Visionary Art.

The current exhibition of 12 artists, who consider themselves to be part of the worldwide movement of a new wave of Visionary Art, proves that the flow of visionary energy that had already inspired the Viennese Masters, continues to express itself on a global scale with overwhelming vitality.

The show allows only a tiny glimpse into the gigantic unfolding vistas of this Art phenomenon. It unites works by a circle of colleagues of Amanda Sage and Leo Plaw, who are travellers between various wells of this movement, springing up all over the planet. The message is clear: The irresistible flow of time is drenched in the vital colours of Visionary Art.

2). What is “the New” of “the New Wave”?

The stream of images, which give mankind its collective inner face, is swelling with the waters of an ever-growing number of new rivers. The young visionaries drink inspiration from an increasing number of sources.

The new wave derives impulses from the old wave. The influence of the grandmasters cannot be overlooked; we find their marks on all continents. In addition, the entire lineage of the Visionary style is easily accessible through the Internet.

The Freudian-Einsteinian world-view, with its clear contours at the time of the early Phantastic Realists, 50 years ago, has been transformed into today’s multidimensional genetically manipulated digital phantom image. The staggering progress of scientific and technological evolution has added exciting new content to the Visionary program.

The computer and the Internet became indispensable tools for the production, communication, exposure and distribution of Visionary Art, in conjunction with an ever-expanding multimedia circuit. The boundaries between classical artistic disciplines are dissolving.

New spiritual movements, new methods for self-exploration and self-transformation, with or without entheogenic aid, progressively overwrite the background vibrations of the orthodox mystical traditions, cosmic consciousness, planetary integral awareness and visionary culture.

The irresistible stream of time is heading towards the sea of the timeless. The Visionary Artist is floating on its opalescent surface in a time capsule. Steering it at will, upwards or downwards, creating or receiving vision, exploring the rules of manifestation… resting beyond the speed of light.

3). Energetic Transformation

The privacy of encapsulated individual Phantastic-Realistic vision splits up into multiple fractal perspectives.

The smooth skin of the figure reveals the layers underneath, the integrated circuitry of cellular or mechanical tissues, curvatures of genetic architectures and the organising fields of living forms.

The planetary horizon, that has anchored the Phantastic-Realistic narrative in photographic familiarity, is pulled out from under our feet. We are catapulted into the vastness of unimaginable cosmic dimensions. Our universe is but one fold of the multiverse.

Imagination is fluid and plasmic. The materials of the Phantastic-Realistic vision reorganize themselves along subtle light grids, or explode to form myriads of vibrating patterns with features of abstract form and colour play, intermingled with the dust of stars and mirages of alien life forms.

Not long ago the Phantastic-Realistic vision was clearly opposed to the modern looseness of Abstract painting. Now there is a shift from its bipolar orientation to the “tripolarity of realism, fantasy and abstract form”. The new wave of Visionary Art is dreaming a unified field of artistic expression.

We are invited to flow and dance with the new wave.

De Es Schwertberger - 1942 – Vienna (AUSTRIA)

..My voice is in my paintings, telling stories of the journey of GETTING TO THE POINT, where THE INNER and THE OUTER, THE ONE and THE MANY merge in peace. How close we are- ART can tell.

Amanda Sage – 1978 – Vienna (AUSTRIA) / Los Angeles (USA)

..My aspiration is to paint messages, visions and narratives that communicate with an ‘older & wiser us’, awakening ancient memory; as well as the ‘present us’, that we may grow up and accept the responsibilities towards ourselves, each other and the rest of existence on this planet… now.

Dennis Konstantin -1979 – Hamburg (GER)

..A great factor of inspiration is to portray the actual reality of Quantum Physics, which explains the world as a vibrating field of form.

Leo Plaw – 1971 - Berlin (GER)

..The highest intent of art is to transform. However, the greatest transformational effect is actioned on the artist. They are after all in direct? Communion with the source (Muse) while creating. The artwork, then remains as a guide post for others to follow or explore.

David Heskin – 1979 – Seattle (USA)

..No longer is it acceptable to relive stylistic concepts from decades past, rather it is the necessity of the emerging movement to build authentic bridges to a brilliant future with the strength of our determination to envision it.

Aloria Weaver - 1979 – Seattle (USA)

..The highest function of a human being is to love, and the highest function of Art is to point to the transcendental spiritual nature of human beings- our capacity for an evolved and integrated existence in harmony with all life.

Adam Scott Miller – 1984 – Pennsylvania (USA)

..My images are artifacts derived from exploring the relationships between personal experience and concepts that I consider to be significantly relevant. Making images is my tool for discovery, and a by-product of the experience of my consciousness. This creative work is how I process and integrate my perceptions of the world into new ways of seeing and insights into living.

Autumn Sky Morrison - 1983 – British Columbia (CAN)

..Art can be a life shaking experience, or an intimate rendezvous. For me it is both. I place intention in what I create. Either through words, actions, thoughts, or artwork, I aim to share honesty and awakening. To celebrate this fantastic adventure. To inspire and be inspired.

Gregory Pettit – 1980 – Texas (USA)

..The physical plane and the interior worlds are not separate at all, but are only experienced separately because we usually lack the ability to be aware of the bridge between them.

Daniel Mirante – 1977 – England

..We are hyper-dimensional beings. We are already spirit, we are already enlightened, we are already self-existent, non-compounded light. We are already in the spirit realm. We are already creating the dreams of God, we are already beautiful, primordial, divine and in the condition of Eternal Life.

Basia Wiacek - 1977 – England/Poland

..Works with lines of inspiration that include mythological, spiritual, ecological and indigenous themes. Her paintings are strongly intentional, dedicated to restoring harmony on Earth. She intends for her work to have medicinal, meditative and healing qualities, celebrating sacredness of creation through gratitude.

Emma Watkinson - 1973 - England

..Art is a scrying mirror to the subconscious. Glimpse beyond the veil...and listen. My intention is to create images as powerful tools of meditation designed to lift the spirit. I work with images & wisdom from many ancient spiritual paths, to walk into...and create, the future with harmony & balance.

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de es news: a new wave of visionary art

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