Monday, July 20, 2015

Great Bargains in Contemporary Art

I found a post on Facebook sharing this tumblr image:

The caption:  "the teachers at my high school do this to the graffiti in the bathrooms"
My comment:
A much undervalued masterpiece! Maybe careful research would reveal this to be a genuine Tracey Emin, in which case it may well be auctioned for something like $ 200.000
Note: I am speaking of originals, not prints, which would sell for several thousands at auction: Tracey Emin at artnet

....... compare the style with this piece from the world famous Tate Gallery :

So why pay exorbitant amounts of money - you can find bargains in most public restrooms or in vacant buildings or housing projects - the possibilities are endless! You could even get those artists for the price of a drink or a hamburger to come to your home to beautify the place for you!

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