Friday, July 31, 2015

Ning Platform down - and no support!

OK, here is a conversation I was having just at this moment on the Ning Facebook page:
The entire platform is down across the board, and get this: their support and their help e.mail is all on that platform! There is no way you can reach them, there are no updates on either their Facebook page or their Twitter account.   Of course our Visionary Art Network is affected by this - the public pages depend on the feeds from the private network we have on the Ning platform!
You are down across the board - any comments on that?
  • Otto Rapp

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  • Aurora Dawns Same here dam
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    • Otto Rapp they just don't give a damn - there is NO SUPPORT - Nothing! They have a twitter account that is NOT MAINTAINED! at all, and their own support of course is down as well, since they put all their eggs into one basket, and that basket is broken! There is no way you can reach them!
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    • Otto Rapp FB screwed up the link, one more time:

      Senaste tweets från Ning (@Ning). Ning’s scalable hosted platform gives you the tools...
    • Otto Rapp Their support (I checked my e-mails for that) is also hosted on the Ning platform, so you can't even reach them via e-mail! We are truly dealing with some moronic system here: who would tie ALL their services, support and everything else to ONE platform?
    • Aurora Dawns Sad I had to get new fb account so trying to connect and for some no other way I can get hold of some friends also creators I hope we get some refun or something for this
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    • Aurora Dawns Sorry prob bumped my head lol
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    • Otto Rapp Refund? You must be dreaming! I asked about that already when they had Error 500 issues! No answer. This is a one-way street: they take your money very punctually though, service or not!
    • Aurora Dawns Damit I just really came back to ning rebuilding a communit again and this I know not only one wellopefully updates soon what makes more mad somone also added a nice donation a real nice one and now this damit grr
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Otto Rapp said...

OK, so now they are on line again. But this makes me VERY nervous. Here is a e-mail I sent to the support team right after they got back on-line:
What is the matter with your platform? There was a MASSIVE OUTAGE just now!
Your support and everything else is hosted on the same platform, so you are totally cut off when you are down? How smart is that? Why don't you open a back-up e-mail account on, let say, g-mail so you can be reached? Why don't you IMMEDIATELY after you encounter a problem make relevant announcements on your Facebook page and Twitter account? Have a separate site on a different server/platform for your support? #facepalm