Saturday, May 23, 2020


Here is a video from the post from one of my friends on Facebook . A frightening future awaits us if this is indeed the "blueprint" and example for our governments!


This was the full text of the Post: 

China has shown us excellent ways of dealing with "The Situation", and these ways are being emulated by our glorious leaders. Our leaders also mentioned Big Data, and other stuff. Just by the way, without too much attention placed on it. They are easing us into it, not too much at once, allowing us to get used to the idea, so we can accept it more easily. I think it's not bad to be informed about various great trends that are on the rise. I already posted a little bit about this earlier. It is seen as a helpful development of society which benefits people tremendously, as you will hear several of them explain: "It's a good thing! A society has to have rules." Therefore, any and all rules, whatever they may be, are a good thing! You see? It's a remarkable logic... And so, as long as you live life exactly according to specifications, there are perks to be had, like paying only half the bus fare. Do you remember when you saw Asian tourists walking around with protective face masks, and you thought that was weird?(Yes, I have asked this question before.) This year, you have witnessed the birth of a new narrative. It grabbed hold of many, creating a wide-spread paralyses of the spirit. Trapped within fear, it was additionally reinforced by a dictated pretense of "caring for others". Removing some of the new regulations, by way of demonstration etc., isn't going to do much. The narrative is a power-tool, it is an enabler. THAT is the single most important thing to keep in mind. It allows for almost anything to be pushed through, "in the name of the narrative". On the other side of this narrative are love, nature, the human spirit... I think some of you have forgotten how powerful it can be. The human spirit is immeasurable, and uncontainable.... UNLESS, we detain it ourselves, or allow others to convince us of mental/emotional traps. 

I wrote this text two weeks ago, but decided not to share it back then, but... why not. It's just information, about a "great new trend", and some thoughts. It can't harm to know a bit more, right? Oh! Starting Monday, the Bank Austria will be measuring the customers' temperature at the entrance. A heightened temperature or refusal to be measured means denial of service. There is absolutely no justification for that at this point, in Austria, but they don't need a justification, you see? They have the narrative. That's all they need.

The original post on Facebook had been deleted 
what you see here is a copy from the text that went with a uploaded video

SINCE I WAS EDITING THIS ANYWAY, here a some other videos on the subject:

A Illustration of the system:

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read the article about it below

An Introduction to China’s Social Corporate Credit System

China’s social credit system is a database or set of databases that keep up-to-date information on the behavior of individuals, corporations, and governmental entities across China.  The social credit system has some similarities with the credit ratings provide for individuals and corporations in other countries, but captures information on a wider variety of behaviors.

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